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Only Internationally Certified Image Professional in New England

Ep. 255 - What colors should you use in your wardrobe? Ann Lindsay of Style of Success Image Consulting assures your "visual credentials" (appearance) works for you not against you. If you are a professional determined to use "dress for success" practices to make faster financial achievements, or your social world involves dating, travel, or retreats - you need to know how to represent your personal brand appropriately and instantly.

Ann Lindsay is a certified image consultant and owner/founder of Style of Success and the only Internationally Certified Image Professional in New England.

Listen in to learn the importance of having the right camera angle, lighting, and background to present the best image of yourself during a video call meeting. You will also learn how to dress appropriately in a way that represents you as a professional perfectly on a video call meeting.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use your nonverbal cues to support connections when on a video call
  • Have the perfect lighting, background, and camera angle for your image in a video call
  • Tone it down and be less formal with your outfit on a video call than you would in person
  • The advantages of wearing glasses when presenting in a video call meeting

"Color is such an important component of the image and how people perceive you and how you’re received by others.”- Ann Lindsay

In this episode you will learn:

  • Ann defines image, image integrity, and the power of an impressive first impression [1:50]
  • How to build a personal image when connecting with others in a professional video call [5:07]
  • Top tips on how to set up your video call tech to build the perfect set for your image [6:40]
  • How to dress appropriately according to the occasion when meeting on a video call [17:07]
  • Ann on her 3-step consulting services where she helps professional women improve their image [27:36]
  • The importance of using a real and authentic background in a video call meeting [32:50]
  • How to make eye contact by looking straight into the computer’s camera rather than the screen [34:52]
  • Tips on how to be visually clear and maintain eye contact when wearing glasses on a video call [36:10]
  • Tips on how to best present yourself when taking notes plus a few final thoughts [42:12]

Style of Success is the creation of Ann Lindsay, an internationally certified Image Professional by the Association of Image Consultants International.  This is a level of industry practice, continuing education, and client work that takes about a decade to achieve, and currently places her among the top 100 professionals in the image field worldwide.

As a resource for her male clients, she has also built a business of 400 clients and 100 Personal Stylists on her team with the direct sales, affordable luxury menswear provider J. Hilburn.  

As a J.Hilburn Personal Stylist since 2010, she loves making what to wear for men easy, and convenient, giving them confidence in every occasion.

As a Sr. Managing Partner, Recruiter, and Stylist Mentor for the company, she is passionate about helping new entrepreneurs who, like her, love the quality, affordability, luxury, integrity, and sustainability of the brand.

J.Hilburn "World Class" Stylists are trained, coached, and mentored as part of a community to succeed in this "industry disruptive", technologically savvy, and trendsetting company. As a Stylist, they bring (literally - to his place) confidence, convenience, class, and style in all he does from the golf course to the board room. It's a complimentary concierge service he never thought he could afford and now can't live without.





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