How to Excel at Digital Marketing | Dorothy Vernon Brown

Have you struggled with marketing in the online arena? Dorothy Vernon-Brown is a small business marketing strategist & coach on a mission to help local small business owners. Dorothy is the founder of AKB² Small Business Marketing and is the co-founder of which leverages the explosive power of digital automation including emails, chatbots, SMS, and mobile wallets so that business owners can quickly grow and scale by putting their marketing on autopilot.

How to Create a Health Generation Through Tech Innovations | Elizabeth Hutt Pollard | Purse Power

Now more than ever, technology is required to develop health innovations for a healthier society. Elizabeth Hutt Pollard has had a successful career in the health-tech industry and made some huge career and community milestones. She shares her journey and success tips and lessons.

How to Achieve Digital Accessibility | Sheri Byrne Haber

Do you know that 98% of the websites in the world are not accessible? Plus there are over 4000 lawsuits filed in the last year over digital accessibility. If you are an employer, do you know what you should do to ensure workplace accessibility? All these questions and more are answered by Sheri Byrne-Haber, a disability expert consultant and blogger. Find out where your own liabilities are!

How to Get High Performance with Empathy: Sree Anand Ratnasinghe

Sree Anand Ratnasinghe’s secret to leadership success lies in being recognized for taking a hands-on approach to tackling large-scale digital transformation initiatives while simultaneously being a passionate customer advocate. How does she balance them when she manages employees internationally and remotely? Listen in to learn the qualities of an empathetic and high-performance- driving leader, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

How to Choose A Career You’re Passionate About: Adonica Randall

Fired Up About STEM Are you think about changing your job and your life? Do you want to choose a career you’re passionate about? To get into a job you are more passionate about, no matter how hard it is? For Adonica, success is knowing what you want to do, then having a plan to …

How to Choose A Career You’re Passionate About: Adonica Randall Read More »

How to Be a Successful Executive in a Large Company: Kitty Chaney-Reed

Kitty Chaney-Reed is Vice President of Enterprise Operations at IBM and Senior State Executive for IBM in Georgia. Kitty was awarded the Most Powerful and Influential Woman Award from the Georgia Diversity Council. Kitty was named Woman of the Year for Enterprise Businesses with over 2,500 employees. She is a lesson is working effectively with others and gives us tips on how to exceed expectations in moving up the corporate ladder – and treat people right along the way!

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