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Ep. 283 - Did you know that seventy percent of Americans have debt or credit problems? If you have credit or debt issues, know that you’re not alone. Jen Lee talks to us about how to avoid prolonged financial stress by finding the right information.

Jen Lee is a debt and credit strategy attorney who helps her clients examine their financial situation and provide long-term solutions for reducing debt and stress in their lives. She has developed innovative solutions to help her clients handle their debt and credit issues. In this episode, Jen talks about financial education, credit score, bankruptcy, identity theft, and more.

Listen in to learn how financial stress affects workplace productivity, relationships, and physical and mental health. You will also learn the importance of checking your credit score and getting the right education on how to improve it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of financial education for better money management and overall health.
  • Why you should check your credit score and get educated on how to improve it.
  • Why you should lock down your credit and that of your minor kids to avoid identity theft.
  • Don’t wait too long to seek the financial information you need to get out of financial stress.

“Finances are the number one reason for stress, and stress creates seventy percent of illnesses.”- Jen Lee

Key Moments

[0:57] The problem of financial stress and why people don’t want to talk about it.

[2:20] The impact of financial stress on workplace productivity, relationships, and health.

[6:47] The importance of understanding your credit score and the best credit score for you.

[8:53] The measures to take to avoid identity theft and the actions to take if it occurs.

[13:32] Jen explains how she helps her clients with finances and when the right time is to call her.

[16:03] Jen on her podcast, blog, and YouTube channel to help people find personalized information.

[17:53] Remember that you aren’t alone; there’s information to help you out of financial stress.


Jen Grondahl Lee is a debt and credit strategy attorney. She helps her clients examine their financial situations and provide long-term solutions for reducing debt and stress in their lives. Sometimes, the solution is bankruptcy, but oftentimes, there are other solutions we can work through to get back on track. She has been featured in articles in Consumer Affairs, US News & World Report, and various websites relating to credit, debt, and bankruptcy. She has 2 girls and they are involved in several dog rescue organizations.



There is a problem that is taking over all generations in America. It’s the elephant in every room, on every social media page, and in every workplace. No one wants to talk about debt, credit, or financial problems and it’s creating problems in all areas of life. Jen, along with her elephant, Bernadebt (Burn-A-Debt), brings this topic to the forefront so that we can all understand why not talking about it is the biggest problem.

  • Productivity – did you know that employees spend over 150 hours a year of company time working on their own personal financial issues? Financial stress costs companies $7,000 per year, per employee.
  • Relationships – money is the leading cause of divorce and relationship problems. One of the biggest problems? No one talks about it. We’re going to talk about it!
  • Health – 70% of illnesses are caused by stress. Finances are the number one cause of stress. Your debt and credit problems are literally making you sick. Let’s talk about solutions.

Jen can help you avoid or work out your debt issues!





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