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Our Mission

Nan McKay Connects LLC’s mission is to empower organizations to thrive and succeed by providing comprehensive leadership development solutions that unlock the potential of their employees and foster a culture of excellence. 

We understand the concerns of our clients about losing valuable employees and the need to attract and retain top talent to remain competitive in the market. Our mission is to address these concerns by offering customized leadership development programs that equip employees with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed for success.

Our Commitment to our Mission

To incorporate our mission into real-life, we produce two transformative leadership programs tailored for the modern leader.

First, the Lead and Succeed Community – a dynamic online subscription platform offering monthly online leadership courses with workbook and knowledge checks.

This allows supervisors the flexibility to participate in two live sessions a month or stay up-to-date with innovative story videos of the material. 

All of the resources are available on the platform. 

The Lead and Succeed Community is the best program to quickly upskill new supervisors. It's more than just learning; it's an opportunity for mentoring, forging connections, and robust networking.

Join us, and embark on a journey of leadership evolution, guided by the principles and expertise of Nan McKay.


Meet Nan

Nan McKay, the Founder and CEO of Nan McKay Connects, is a dynamic leader who empowers supervisors to unleash their potential and drive cultural transformation within organizations.

With a strong focus on harnessing new technologies for innovative learning solutions, her influence extends beyond borders as she is the international best-selling author of a book on starting and growing a business and is the creator of the Leader Accelerator Series available on Amazon.

An inspiring speaker, Nan is available as a keynote speaker for your meeting with her talk, "Navigate Generational Shifts for a Thriving Workplace."

She champions the creation of a successful path to employee retention to create a motivational culture of positivity.

In her role as a Certified Success Coach, Nan rejuvenates and inspires leaders through a multitude of platforms, including speaking engagements, courses, books, podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and newsletters, breathing fresh life and energy into their journeys toward success.

Nan also serves as the President of the well-established Nan McKay and Associates, a company she founded in 1980. She has had the honor of having two buildings named after her in Minnesota.

In 2018 she received the National Association of Women Business Owners' (NAWBO) Signature Award for Southern California, and in 2019 she was selected by NAWBO as the California Woman Business Owner of the Year.

She has received numerous awards for her leadership in affordable housing throughout the country. Nan has two buildings named after her in Minnesota, a 10-story elderly high-rise, the Nan McKay Building, and a family-subsidized housing development, McKay Manor.

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Nan McKay


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