Inspirational Speaker & Influencer Empowering Women 60+ to a Successful Retirement

  • Reignite Your Life with Significance 
  • Choose and Grow Your Business 
  • Get More Done for More Fun 



Speaker Topics

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Empower women to reignite their life after 60 to create their path to significance for a successful retirement

Gold in the Golden Years

Build a blueprint for your own successful business after 60 with the S.O.A.R. Launch and Grow Plan

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Get More Done for More Fun! Find your top productivity blockers for your individual productivity style!


What is the difference between SIGNIFICANCE and SUCCESS?

SUCCESS means using your knowledge and experience to satisfy yourself.

SIGNIFICANCE means using your knowledge and experience to change the lives of others.

If you could do anything you wanted to do in the world next year, what would it be? The key to significance after 60 is to find your purpose and build your life around your purpose or your passion or both. A positive and possibility mindset will help you solve problems, stay focused, energized, and engaged.

Key Topics

  • Keys to Get from Passion to Purpose
  • Find Your Joys in Retirement
  • Create a Mindset for an Effective and Exciting Life
  • Find Your Path to a Successful, Significant Retirement
  • Reignite that Passion!

Book Nan for your next meeting! Nan will lead you down the path to create passion, purpose, and direction after 60 to reignite your life for a significant, meaningful retirement. 


How would you like to do something that made you want to leap out of bed in the morning? That made you vividly dream of a new twist for a marketing design that was so exciting you had to turn on the light and write it down.

If you are a woman over 60 who has been in a career and now wants a new, meaningful challenge, Gold in the Golden Years is for you. If you want to travel to Europe, but don’t want to dip into your 401K, Gold in the Golden Years is for you! You can create a successful online business with the S.O.A.R. Launch and Grow Plan to fulfill your purpose and passion to make your own gold!

Key Topics:

  • Pivot to Freedom, Flexibility, and Financial Independence
  • Visualize a Business Driving Your Passion, Purpose, and Profit
  • 5 steps to Discover if Entrepreneurship is Right for You
  • 5 steps to a Successful Business Launch
  • Growing Your Business with the S.O.A.R. Plan


Logo for Productivity CourseDo you have 100 things on your to-do list, but at the end of the day, you realize 8 hours has gone by and nothing on your list got done? You get your cup of coffee, check your email, look at the weather app, look at the sleep app to find out why you’re tired – a little of this and a little of that – you browse the internet and then you go get something to eat out of the refrigerator, you work on something that wasn’t even on your to-do list and suddenly the day is over.

Discover your productivity style to overcome the blockers directly related to your productivity style if you want more balance in your life even if you have tried other methods which didn’t help. Become super-efficient with your energy, focus, and pleasure. Capture the keys to productivity, profitability, and fun!

With Nan's half-day workshop, you can Get More Done to Have More Fun! She matches your productivity style to your specific individual blockers.

Find efficiency and effectiveness to organize your work in less than 20 minutes a day even if you've struggled with competing priorities in the past.

JOIN her workshop on productivity - Get More Done to Have More Fun!

PRE-WEBINAR SUGGESTION: Take the FREE Quiz, What's Your #1 Productivity Style?

Meet Nan McKay

Inspirational Speaker, Podcast and YouTube Producer, International Best-Selling Author, Influencer, Coach, Entrepreneur, Board Chair, Interviewer, Online Course Designer

nan mckay

An inspiring speaker, Nan champions the creation of a successful path to reignite passion and purpose after retirement to make a difference in the lives of others.

She speaks on Reignite Your Life After 60, Choose and Grow Your Business, and Get More Done for More Fun.

She has developed a podcast, TrailBlazers Impact, and two YouTube channels, Trailblazers Impact Interviews and Significance After 60.

Nan focuses on women over 60 who want to use their knowledge and experience to change the lives of others by starting or growing their businesses. Nan works with women who want a realistic pathway to rock their retirement and manage their last 20-30 years to achieve significance, joy, and profit in their business.

Whether you are thinking about leaving your career or have already retired, you may be saying "What's next? I'm not ready to sit on the couch or bake cookies all day! I'm ready to do something new - but what? How can I get that spark of passion, purpose, and making a difference?" With her talks, books, online programs, and community programs, she creates a path of significance to move women to inspired action and a successful retierment.

Winner of the National Association of Women Business Owners' California Business Woman of the Year Award in 2019 and San Diego Woman of the Year in 2018, Nan is an impactful speaker on mindset and finding true significance after 60. Nan understands the keys to overcoming the challenges and blockers to bring joy and meaning into life for a fulfilling Act 2.

Start NOW to make your retirement fabulous!

Book Nan for your next podcast or meeting!

Facebook: @nanmckayconnects
Instagram: @nanmckayconnects
Twitter: @nanmckayconnect
LinkedIn: @nanmckayconnects
YouTube Channels:
Trailblazers Impact Interviews
Significance After 60

Contact Nan:

[email protected]

Kudos for Nan's Works:

"Nan has a fire within, and I love seeing her setting others alight with her passion."
~Teri Robertson

"Her new book, Gold in the Golden Years, is the natural next step in helping women live their best lives."
~Denise B. Muha, NLHA

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Nan McKay


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