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Nan McKay knows what it is like to Live with Significance After 60. As the founder of Nan McKay Connects, she brings inspiration and motivation to live a full life after 60. In her role as President of Nan McKay and Associates, she has presented seminars to over 50,000 people.

Gold in the Golden Years

Meet Nan McKay

Inspirational Speaker, Podcast and YouTube Producer, International Best-Selling Author, Influencer, Coach, Entrepreneur, Board Chair, Interviewer, Online Course Designer

nan mckayWinner of the National Association of Women Business Owners' California Business Woman of the Year Award in 2019 and San Diego Woman of the Year in 2018, Nan is an impactful speaker in Mindset and Finding Your Significance. "Over 60," Nan understands the keys to overcoming the challenges and blockers to bring joy and meaning into life for a fulfilling Act 2.

Whether you are thinking about leaving your career or have already retired, you may be saying "What's next? I'm not ready to sit on the couch or bake cookies all day! I'm ready to do something new - but what? How can I get that spark of significance, purpose, meaning, and making a difference into my life?" With her talks, books, online programs, and coaching programs, she creates a path to move women to inspired action!

With her energetic, upbeat personality, Nan shares can speak on how to find your next meaningful Act 2, how to be more productive in your life, or how to decide if entrepreneurship is for you. She inspires you to find your own significance!

Start NOW to make your refirement fabulous!

Key Topics

  • Keys to Get from Passion to Purpose
  • Secrets to Significance
  • Your Focus is your Reality
  • Plan Your Retirement
  • Find your Joy in Retirement
  • 5 steps to Discover if Entrepreneurship is Right for You
  • 5 steps to a Successful Business Launch
  • Find Your Productivity Personality Type
  • Bust Your Productivity Blockers

Sample Interview Questions

  • What's different for women over 60 today?
  • How do women find the answer to their "What's Next?" question?
  • What are the secrets to significance after 60?
  • Why do women over 60 wants to start their own business?
  • How do women over 60 pivot from passion to purpose?
  • What are your best tips for women over 60?
  • What are the 5 steps to determine if entrepreneurship is right for you?
  • What are the 5 steps to a successful business launch?

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Facebook: @nanmckayconnects
Instagram: @nanmckayconnects
Twitter: @nanmckayconnect
LinkedIn: @nanmckayconnects
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Kudos for Nan's Works:

"Nan has a fire within, and I love seeing her setting others alight with her passion."
~Teri Robertson

"Her new book, Gold in the Golden Years, is the natural next step in helping women live their best lives."
~Denise B. Muha, NLHA

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Nan McKay


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