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Redefine leadership in your organization and future-proof your workforce! Find out how to answer these questions.

    • What are the unique generational traits?
    • How do we enhance collaboration?
    • How can we reduce staff turnover?
    • How could we adapt our learning programs to attract younger employees?
    • How do we manage the generational challenges?

In this talk, "Navigate Generational Shifts: Cultivate a Thriving Workplace Culture for the Future."

Nan McKay gives you the keys to bridging the differences in culture, communication, work-life balance, leadership development and training, and more.  




Generational Challenges to Organizational Growth

Gears and Learn and Lead Mechanism

"Navigating Generational Shifts: Cultivating a Thriving Work Culture for the Future." 

"They're just not the same." No, they're not. 

A comprehensive exploration of the unique dynamics in today's multi-generational workplace, with resulting in clear and implementable strategies for reducing staff turnover and enhancing productivity.

This speech provides insightful guidance on understanding and leveraging the distinct characteristics of different generations, implementing effective learning and development programs, and cultivating an inclusive workplace culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and career advancement for all employees.

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Picture of Caterina Rando"Nan McKay is an inspiration and a role model to women in business everywhere. Her presentation is full of value while also being engaging, thought provoking and fun. Nan is an experienced professional speaker who I am blissing to have back for another event very soon.

—Caterina Rando, Founder Thriving Women in Business, Produced of the Bliss in Your Business Summit

Meet Nan McKay

Inspirational Speaker, Leadership Development and Training, Podcast and YouTube Producer, International Best-Selling Author

a Nan McKay is the the President of Nan McKay and Associates, a company she founded in 1980, which currently has 10 offices around the country. She is also the Founder and CEO of Nan McKay Connects LLC, providing confidence, skills, and tools through the Leader Accelerator Program, a membership program for individuals and organizations, providing a VIP option to build your leadership library with inhouse presentation comprehensive materials for train-your-train leadership courses.

Her six-month training program, Lead and Succeed, is tailored to Millennial and GenZ learning styles. "Give me your staff Friday mornings for 2 hours three weeks a month and we'll make that difference you are looking for!"

Over the last 40 years, Nan has presented to 50,000 people at over 1,000 events including conferences, keynotes, panels, podcasts, virtual magazines, seminars, and workshops.

Nan has two buildings named after her in Minnesota. She was 2019 California Women Business Owner awarded by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is a Certified WBE organization.

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Facebook: @nanmckayconnects
Instagram: @nanmckayconnects
Twitter: @nanmckayconnect
LinkedIn: @nanmckayconnects
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Kudos for Nan's Works:

"Nan has a fire within, and I love seeing her setting others alight with her passion."
~Teri Robertson

"Her new book, Gold in the Golden Years, is the natural next step in helping women live their best lives."
~Denise B. Muha, NLHA

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Nan McKay


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