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Nan McKay is a seasoned expert in leadership development and organizational strategy, passionate about creating a new face of leadership, fostering resilience, using technology to facilitate seamless digital onboarding processes, and navigating generational shifts within the workplace.

With decades of experience in executive roles and consulting across various industries, Nan brings knowledge and practical insights to her speaking engagements.


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Key Topics

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  • The Power of Resilience 
  • The New Face of Leadership
  • Revolutionize Digital Onboarding
  • Navigate Generational Shifts
  • ChatGPT for Staff Management

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"Nan McKay is an inspiration and a role model to women in business everywhere. Her presentation is full of value while also being engaging, thought provoking and fun. Nan is an experienced professional speaker who I am blissing to have back for another event very soon.

—Caterina Rando, Founder Thriving Women in Business, Produced of the Bliss in Your Business Summit

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"National Housing Compliance’s Leadership team attended Nan’s course on Navigate Generational Shifts for a Thriving Work Culture. Thank you, Nan, for delivering an outstanding class on highlighting the generations and the importance of understanding each group’s needs. It was not just informative but incredibly eye-opening about the dynamics of each generation—a definite must for all companies to attend.

— Jennifer Freeman, Director of Talent Management, National Housing Compliance

Meet Nan McKay

Inspirational Speaker, Leadership Development and Training, Podcast and YouTube Producer, International Best-Selling Author


Book Nan McKay, a trailblazer in leadership empowerment and cultural transformation, for your next conference! Whether it's an annual conference, a keynote speaker, or your month get-together, Nan brings charisma and insights to your event!

As the Founder and CEO of Nan McKay Connects, she ignites the confidence, skills, and innovative tools that empower supervisors to unlock their true potential. Nan's visionary leadership extends to her role as President of Nan McKay and Associates, a company she founded in 1980, where she has left an indelible mark, even having two buildings named in her honor in Minnesota. An internationally recognized best-selling author, Nan's influence transcends borders. She's not just a Success Coach; she's a force of nature, bringing vitality and inspiration to leaders through captivating speaking engagements, courses, books, podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and newsletters.

Join Nan McKay on an exhilarating journey to transformation and success! Check out her Media page here.

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Kudos for Nan's Works:

"Nan has a fire within, and I love seeing her setting others alight with her passion."
~Teri Robertson

"Her new book, Gold in the Golden Years, is the natural next step in helping women live their best lives."
~Denise B. Muha, NLHA

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