Nan McKay in the News!

Gold in the Golden Years

Book shows women over 50 how to get their dream lifestyle.

“How to Become the Center of Influence Through Impactful Podcasting” with Nan McKay

Unveiling Resilience: From Childhood Struggles to Ageless Empowerment

America Trends Podcast

Nan shares strategies for navigating the multi-generational workplace on America Trends Podcast hosted by Mary Burt-Godwin.

In this inspiring episode, Nan and Caterina discuss taking that first leap of faith, letting your creativity and curiosity flow, and overcoming society’s expectations of age to create a business you’re passionate about.

Nan speaks with Christina Spoletini on the Divas That Care podcast. Learn how wins motivate more wins!

Featured in Authority Magazine



Rated #27 in Pretty Progressive:

Rated #2 in Feedspot TrailBlazers and Trendsetters:

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