Corporate Board Readiness Course: April/May Series

Fri, April 30th | Online Sessions

4-part Virtual Corporate Board Training: Get Your Board Materials and Plan of Action Ready - Learn Corporate Board Ins and Outs - Meet Corporate Directors

*One ticket includes access to all 4 sessions: 8:00-10:00 AM on April 30, May 7, May 14, & May 21

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4-part Virtual Corporate Board Training

Get Your Board Materials and Plan of Action Ready
Learn Corporate Board Ins and Outs
Meet Corporate Directors

Facilitator: Nancy Sheppard, Women2Boards/The Athena Alliance

Speakers Include:

  • Julie Castro Abrams, CEO & Founder, How Women Lead, GP How Women Invest, Managing Partner, BoardLeaders
  • Barbara Nelson, Board Director, Backblaze
  • Margot Langsdorf, Principal, Rich Talent Group
  • Deirdre Finn, ABD Insurance & Financial Services
  • Joyce Cacho, Board Director, Sunrise Banks & World Benchmarking Alliance
  • Paula Judge, Vice President, Talent Accel
  • Julia Vax, Partner, Arnold & Porter LLP
  • Adriana Azuri, Executive/Board Branding Expert & Coach, The Azuri Group

Session 1 (April 30, 8-10am)

The Road to the Corporate Boardroom - What You Need to Know to Get You Started on this Path

  • Why serve on a board?
  • Assess your readiness.
  • What type of corporate board is right for you?What does a board member do?
  • How and why are the needs for board expertise changing
  • How will the board find you?

Session 2 (May 7, 8-10am)

  • Your Board Roadmap
  • Writing Your Board Bio - Adriana Azuri, The Azuri Group
  • Value Proposition
  • Building allies for your board journey
  • Due diligence onboard positions
  • The interview process

Session 3 (May 14, 8-10am)

  • Fiduciary requirements of a director
  • Board compensation
  • Difference between board governance and management
  • D&O and indemnification agreements

Session 4 (May 21, 8-10am)

You will come to this final session with a draft 1-page bio-based upon the format we recommend in Session 2

  • Working with recruiters
  • Targets for your board search
  • Map your network for your board journey. Workshop your board bio and value proposition in small groups with a board savvy advocate.
  • Joining a MasterMind group to continue your board journey

*All sessions are recorded and sent to participants for additional viewing.

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