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In the beginning . . . "Segregation", we share "stories in brief" from women who have Struggled and Prevailed; Women who have committed their journey to Raising Up other women. And, in doing so, they have elevated countless girls, families, communities, this Nation, and the Global Community. Their accomplishments are the living legacy of the women who paved the way. Link directly to their podcasts through the e-book.

Why is this important to you? Education, experience, and appreciation of the women who have struggled to survive most of their lives. But where did it begin in the U.S.?

If you are a business executive, this book provides background information on the history of women who fought segregation. This background will help you develop your own DEI program.

If you are a teacher, you will have the links to resources you need to develop class material on Black history, discrimination, and segregation.

It provides us all an opportunity to celebrate the women who fought for and won their extraordinary achievements against all odds!

DeeDee Strum is the author of the book. She says, "As a certified diversity professional (CDP®), I knew we could use the e-Book as another method to advance the TrailBlazers Impact mission to build bridges between people of different races, gender, backgrounds, and professions."

Nan McKay Connects LLC is the publisher of the book.

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