Leadership Accelerator Program

Empower Leaders.

Engage Teams.

Lower Turnover.

Leader Accelerator Program

Revolutionary Approach to Retaining Highly Engaged Staff on a Tight Budget

  • Drive engagement

  • Reduce turnover

  • Save money

Build your Training Library

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Experience a glimpse of the transformative Leader Accelerator Program with the recording of our exclusive webinar "3 Strategies to Cultivate Tomorrow's Talent Today".

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Benefits to Cultivating Future Leaders

  • Culture of Positivity
  • Learning and Development Opportunities
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills
  • Increased Employee Engagement and Inspiration
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Stronger Team Performance
  • Long-Term Organizational Success

Features of Leader Accelerator Program

  • Monthly Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Video Instruction
  • Workbooks and other Resources
  • Expert Guidance
  • Flexible On-Demand Learning
  • Special VIP In-house Training Option
Staff Retention Success System

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By acquiring a new leader course with story video-based learning, an Action Plan workbook, and a Knowledge Check each month, the individual or organization has a blueprint for developing consistent leadership capabilities.

With VIP status, an organization has access to rinse-and-repeat training materials for in-house presentations plus a live monthly mentoring session for presenters.

Our resources aim to curb staff turnover, boost productivity, and foster a resilient organization.

With our training, you're more than just equipped — you're primed to stimulate innovation and steer your team towards common objectives. Join us to reshape your workplace culture, slash turnover rates, and build an organization where both employees and the business prosper.

Leadership Development Training



 New Topic Every Month

 Training Video

 Action Plan Workbook

Knowledge Check 

Leadership Development Training


Teams (up to 5 Members)

 New Topic Every Month

 Training Video

 Action Plan Workbook

Knowledge Check

Leadership Development Training


Organizations (Up to 50 Members)

 New Topic Every Month

Story-Based Training Video

Action Plan Workbook

Instructor Guide

Course Descriptions

Links to Videos


Learning Objectives

PowerPoint Slides for Material

Course Knowledge Checks

Course Evaluation and Feedback

Background Reading Material

Bonus Material as Needed, including E-Books and Quizzes

Monthly Mentoring Live Zoom Sessions for In-House Presenters

Certificate of Completion

BONUS COURSE on Leader Excellence Blueprint


Still undecided if this is right for you?

Experience a taste of what our comprehensive Leader Accelerator Program has to offer with the FREE demo course, Efficiency Unleashed: Master Your Unique Productivity Style and Overcome Hurdles.

Don’t wait! Start cultivating your leaders today to reduce turnover and create a culture of positivity! 

Get access to top-rated leadership development courses and mentoring.

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