Peace Through Business
Season 1


Terry Neese

Ep. 1-Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Developing World

Terry Neese is a prolific entrepreneur who is dedicated to mentoring women both locally and abroad in starting their own businesses and turning their ambitions into reality. As founder of the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW), her organization has grown a network of women business owners in Afghanistan and Rwanda who are provided with leadership skills and business strategies to reach their goals.


Nan McKay

Ep. 2-My Life-Changing Experience

When attending the Peace Through Business training sponsored by the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, podcast host Nan McKay intended to record an episode with the organization's founder and then return back to her regular schedule with the Trailblazers Impact podcast. Instead she met so many inspiring women who had overcome life-shattering tragedy, she was compelled to tell their stories.

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Judith Mutamba

Ep. 3-Medals for Hand-to-Hand Combat

Judith Mutamba recalls at a very early age losing her father and four siblings due to the uprising in Rwanda. She wanted to be in Rwanda and wanted Rwanda to be free, so at a young age she was one of the first to to join the fighting.

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Hasina Aimaq

Ep.4-Growing Up in Her Brave Mother's Burqa

Hasina Aimaq's father died in Afghanistan, leaving his wife and a daughter. Girls were not allowed to go to school or study under the Taliban. Her mother took her to a house who taught children and always hid Hasina under her burqa since both would have been killed if discovered. (Click on Read More)


Chantal Munanayire

Ep.5-From Genocide Survivor to Woman of Courage

Chantal Munanayire lost her mother, sisters, and other members of her family in the Rwanda genocide. Yet she was determined to build a life and overcome the tragedy, doing so in a society where women have to work extremely hard to enter into business and entrepreneurship.

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Jeannette Gakwandi

Ep. 6-We Develop Courage by Surviving Difficult Times

The start to young Jeannette Gakwandi's life was beyond tragic - her parents and siblings were killed in the Rwanda genocide. It was the remainder of her fractured family who sustained her and nourished her to find a path forward.

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Manizha Wafeq

Ep.7-Creating Peace And Well-being Through Business IS Women's Rights.

Manizha Wafeq was raised by her parents to believe that women could be strong, confident, and achieve great things. She's put that ethos to work in her life as an advocate for women in her native Afghanistan, who often face discrimination.              (Click on Read More)


Rachel Kakize

Ep. 8-Saving Lives Keeps Me Motivated

Rachel Kakize saw a problem that needed to be fixed. After high school she started working in the medical field and noticed a regular lack of essential supplies available. She was inspired to take action by forming her own medical supply company, PRIMAMED Technologies LTD.

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Priscilla Umutashya Ruzibuka

Ep.9-Building a Children's Fashion Brand in Rwanda

From an early age Umutasha Ruzibuka developed an eye for clothing and fashion from a family housemaid in Rwanda. As a little girl she was able to model to experience how clothing can powerfully shape how one feels.

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Agnes Mukamushinja

Ep.10-As an Entrepreneur you Fail when You Choose to Give Up

Agnes Mukamushinja owns Nova Coffee, which is grown in the volcanic regions of Rwanda. As a mom to four children, she is an example to her family about how a woman can build a successful business and make her own path.

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Yvette Muhayemariya

Ep. 11-Adversity is the Test of Strong Women

Yvette Muhayemariya is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, losing many members of her family. As time went on, she found a sense of purpose in creating her own identity and owning her future by starting her own business.

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Nazila Kakar

Ep. 12- Be Independent, Focus on your Vision and Fight for It

Nazila Kakar is realizing the dream of being a woman business owner in Afghanistan. She's tapped into the agricultural resources of the country to build a food company, producing yogurt, cheese, butter, james, and pickles.

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Frida Kansime

Ep. 13- Your Dreams Become a Reality with Determination and Hard Work

Frida Kansime was only three years old when her family was forced to flee due to the Rwandan genocide. When her family returned, she learned she had lost her grandmother and other members of her family.

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Freshta Sarwaree

Ep. 14- Always Try to Achieve your Goals

Freshta Sarwaree has an immense passion to build economic security and independence for women in Afghanistan. She does this through her business and school, building a support network for the women in her community. Sarwaree's company, Green Choice, provides processed food, fruit, and spices for her customers.   (Click to Read More)


Angel Mutoni
Ep. 15- Music Can Set You Free!

As a child, Angel Mutoni admired her father's musical talents. It was one of many sources of connection she clung to in her childhood as she coped with the loss of her mother. Mutoni's father released an album and did a number of performances during those years, while also giving the family a rich experience of living abroad and a stint as a diplomat in Canada.

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Barbara Umuhoza
Ep. 16-Pastor and Successful Communications Business Owner

Deep and meaningful conversation is at the core of what Barbara Umuhoza believes can connect and heal others. This vision drove her as a pastor and has been continued with her as the business owner of Eclat Communications.

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Aisha Haguma
Ep. 17-Focus on Your Dream

Growing up, Aisha Haguma had to do a lot of fending for herself. Her family was forced to leave Rwanda as refugees, and she went to live with her aunt. That experience gave her the strength and courage to be independent. She's grown into an entrepreneur as the owner of a supermarket, Alimentation Le Panier.

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Sona Mahmody
Ep. 18- Being an Entrepreneur is Seeing Opportunities Where Others Don't

Being a businesswoman in Afghanistan isn't easy, according to Sona Mahmody. She's the owner of Rumi Trading LLC, a business that helps Afghan women export dried fruit, saffron, and nuts to eastern markets, with a goal of eventually expanding to the U.S. and Europe.

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Asterie Hitimana
Ep. 19-You are your own Limit. Live Each Day with Passion

Like many families during the Rwandan genocide Asterie "Asty" Hitimana's fleed to escape the violence, returning later to try and rebuild their lives and country. Growing up, Hitimana hada passion for fashion and design, dressing up dolls and helping her mom as she made clothing for the family of 12 children.

Instagram: twinkle_by_asty

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Diane Murekatete
Ep. 20- When We Have the Courage to Pursue all our Dreams, They Will Come True

Diane Murkatete discovered the key to her success through trial and error. Her family was always focused on agriculture, and after a career in government service she and her husband decided to give farming a go.

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