Peace Through Business Season 3
2020 Leadership Summit


Ep. 34 - Barbara Umuhoza: Feeding the People

Barbara Umuhoza is a pastor and the owner of Eclat Communications. She's particularly dedicated to helping her country become a regional conference hub for east Africa. Her company has a wide spread of services, such as translation, content production, and social media usage. She talks about how COVID has changed the pastoral mission. She also has a new television station channel! LISTEN to her full episode 16 on Peace Through Business podcast.




Ep. 35 - Florence Isaro: Reading in Rwanda

Florence Isaro is a passionate linguist who works as a translator with two bachelor's degrees, one in Political Science and one in English-French translation. As an adult in Rwanda, she has seen firsthand how challenging it is for parents to get their children to and from the public library. Her very inspiring objective for her business, Books and Brains Ltd. is to create an enterprise that will not only help kids discover the power of books but will also make those books more accessible to those children who don't have the luxury of a public library in their neighborhood.


Ep. 36 - Mosina Saqeb: Creativity in Clothing Manufacturing

Ms. Mohsina Saqeb is the Founder and President of Jama Saqeb Design and Production Company in Afghanistan. She is a skilled business woman with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. Jama's products in the clothing design sector combine new, classic and local designs such as formal, local and traditional clothing, handbags, pillow covers and mobile phones with new, classic and local designs. The company now provides services in different provinces and countries in America, Australia, Europe and Asia.


Ep. 37 - Manizha Wafeq: The Real Afghanistan Today

Manizha Wafeq graduated from the inaugural PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® class in 2007 and is currently teaching her 13th year of the program in Kabul as the In-Country Facilitator for Afghanistan. In this role, she has taught and mentored more than 400 Afghan businesswomen in Kabul and other smaller provinces. She tells us what is happening in Afghanistan with the hospital attack and the coronavirus. LISTEN to her full story on Episode 7 of Peace Through Business Podcast.


Ep. 38 - Michel Buthion: Restaurant Creativity!

Michel Buthion is considered a fine food and wine aficionado not just in Oklahoma, but around the globe. Other ventures have included turning a vintage theatre into a dining and event center, building and managing the first boutique hotel food and beverage concept in the City, taking over a favorite Italian eatery in town, and finally, developing and managing that long dreamed of saloon and chop house in Stockyards City. At the same time, La Baguette Bistro has grown into a full bar and dining room anchored by their own butchery, bakery, and fine wine store. Hear about the fun events he orchestrated to keep his business alive!


Ep. 39 - Barbara Crain: Dairy and Beef Farming in Oklahoma

Barbara Crain, along with her husband, pioneered grass-fed dairy and beef in the state of Oklahoma. Together they have taken a tired, underproducing wheat farm and turned it into a profitable, environmentally responsible value-added grass-fed dairy farm. They began dairy farming in 1991 and built the processing plant in 2005 so they could process their own milk. Barbara oversees manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of all the products. She would like to be an example of how a small farm can be profitable, sustainable, and a viable option for the next generation. Barbara has hosted PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® women from both Afghanistan and Rwanda.


Ep. 40 - Drs. Sharifa Hesarnaee and Susan Chambers: Two Brave Doctors

Dr. Sharifa Hesarnaee of Kabul, Afghanistan, tells about struggling to maintain the OB/GYN department in a Kabul hospital dealing with both COVID-19 and a horrific terrorist attack on the hospital. Dr. Susan Chambers of Oklahoma City, OK, is her mentor who has continued to be a friend to Sharifa during all this as well as work herself in a hospital in the United States during COVID. You will get a feeling of what they mean by "security" being their biggest worry. The comparison of the environments is a "must listen!"


Ep. 41 - Terry Neese: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Developing World

Terry Neese is a prolific entrepreneur who is dedicated to mentoring women both locally and abroad in starting their own businesses and turning their ambitions into reality. As founder of the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW), her organization has grown a network of women business owners in Afghanistan and Rwanda who are provided with leadership skills and business strategies to reach their goals.

Terry shares why passion is at the heart of any successful entrepreneurial endeavor, and what it takes to create large-scale change for women in business.

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