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Are you excited to take on a new challenge? Is this point in life the time to dust yourself off and start all over again? This series is your key to pivoting towards freedom, providing options for flexibility, and allowing you the opportunity to take charge of your own life.

Gold in the Golden Years

Gold in the Golden Years

This series includes my new book, our webinar series and an online course.

Why listen to me? Who am I? After working seventeen years for government agencies, I started Nan McKay and Associates in 1980 with $10,000 from cashing out my retirement account. Nan McKay and Associates, one of the six businesses I founded over the years, is now a multimillion-dollar company with 4,000 employees. Some of the businesses were wildly successful. One was a dismal failure. Empowering women to succeed through adversity has been my passion for many years. Having taught executive management classes to thousands of people across the country and having been through the highs and lows of starting my own businesses, my lessons learned will help you avoid the mistakes I made. Yes, you too can succeed in business at any age by following my proven formula as you discover who you are, what you want to do, and how you want to do it.

Although I am President of Nan McKay and Associates, I started another business, Nan McKay Connects. NMC is a media company with a podcast and YouTube channel, TrailBlazers Impact Interviews, with its mission to empower women by providing role models who have overcome challenges to successfully thrive, many starting businesses of their own.

Although this series is for all ages, I am focusing on women over 50 who are realizing their worth and are seeking to make a difference. They are realizing their most productive years lie ahead. Women over 50 want freedom and flexibility and want to make their own gold to travel and enjoy life.

Gold in the Golden Years series provides the key to meeting these desires through a blueprint on starting and growing a business called the S.O.A.R. Formula.

Gold in the Golden Years includes special features.

You will meet a variety of knowledgeable and experienced women who share their experiences and insights with you as excerpts from their personal interviews from the TrailBlazers Impact podcasts and videos. These women are all successful entrepreneurs. They have started their own businesses, in some cases without any help. You will find an interesting dialogue listening to the true stories of their gift of experience and expertise. Their complete interviews are available under Trailblazers Impact podcasts right here on our website.

A contributing guest author shares her knowledge with a chapter called Exploding the Growth Myth from her new book.

The best recipe for your success is to explore who you are and what you want by developing an Action Plan which leads you on your personal journey of discovery. Stop in every chapter, grab something to drink, place yourself in a quiet space where you can think, and complete the action plan step for that chapter. These steps guide you from an idea to a finished product by leading you to draw conclusions, helping you develop an Action Plan for implementation. The Action Plan Workbook will be used during the course.

Our special gift to you when you purchase the course is a bonus which is full of wonderful surprises!

Whether you pivot from a career, like I did, or are retired and looking for fulfillment in your life, starting a business may be the answer for you to move forward into a second act – and make money while you do it! If you have ever thought of starting a business, your Action Plan will help you lay out an empowerment plan taking you from wherever you are right now to driving your passion, purpose, and profit by launching and growing your own woman-owned lifestyle business after 50.

Come with me on the journey and REFIRE!

How to Launch a Business and Make Your Own Gold

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