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We Have It! Let's Use It! Women Helping Women

Donna Miller Ep. 52 -  Women helping women. That's what Purse Power's motto, "We have it! Let's use it!" is all about. Donna Miller takes that deep-dive into her passion for using the economic empowerment of women as a pathway to equality. Donna explains why it is crucial for women to collectively decide to purchase from companies that support women. In a take-off of the 1960s mantra, "She's not heavy; she's my sister", Donna assumes the mantle of responsibility for her sisters by working to help battered women. Donna is a host on TrailBlazers Impact Podcast.

Top Takeaways:

    • The power of women that could change lives in a truly short period of time.
    • Using "our" purchasing power to help battered women.
    • Having a strong mother that brought up her children strong.
    • Using economics as a new way to drive for change.
    • Changing from an insecure girl to a confident woman.
    • Understanding the concept of "empowered women, empower women".
    • The 2020 "women-on-boards" movement.
    • The joy of having children after years of trying.
    • Balancing being a mother and a career woman.


"Women have all the power they need to drive the change they seek."

"Just because you're a great doer does not mean you're a great leader."

Meet Donna Miller, a change-maker who spent 30 years in human resources in corporate America with Fortune 500 companies while simultaneously working as an executive coach and business owner. Raised by a mother who knew the meaning of strength, she shares how she has turned these lessons into a women's empowerment movement.

Her latest endeavor is the Purse Power movement which is all about the economic power of women with the tagline 'we have it, lets use it'. And amongst her many accomplishments and accolades, we learn she also built a phone app to locate women-owned businesses near you!

Join us for the sharing the importance of women in positions of power to empower other women rather than being afraid of their positions being taken away. You will learn about those moments in Donna's life that have defined her and made her the strong woman she is today, raising her up to take on such discussions as executive coaching, raising triplets and managing that oh-so-daunting challenge of work/life balance, and the effect of social media and bullying on children.

Key Moments:

What is Purse Power? How and why does "IT" work? [1:59]
The steps being taking to create a direct purchase from companies that support women and then committing 20% of the profits to support shelters for battered women. [2:58]
Donna shares the story of her childhood and the long-lasting effects of being raised by a strong woman. [5:07]
She shares how her mother was assaulted as an adolescent and as a result raised she and her sisters to stand strong. [6:09]
Why economics is the new way to drive change for equality. [7:09]
Donna describes how the women's march helped her Purse Power movement gain momentum. [7:44]
Is it a good thing that more women are getting into politics now, more than ever? [8:48]
How she believed in herself, turning her insecurities into confidence. [9:53]
Why women in leadership positions need to empower other women. [11:09]
Experiencing gender-based. [13:03]
Women should not be afraid to elevate other women to change the dynamics. [13:39]
What is the 2020 Women-on-Boards Movement and just what do they do? [14:39]
Donna talks about her passion for helping women and getting women to help other women. [15:50]
She reflects on "the biggest contribution she's made in life"? [17:59]
What does the role of an executive coach entail? [19:05]
How she is taking the entrepreneurial leap. [21:04]
Finding a mentor in her former boss which impacted most of her life decisions. [22:21]
Donna describes when she had her triplets at age 40 as the best moment of her life. [23:55]
How she was able to balance working in corporate America while taking care of her children. [25:08]
What is the hardest thing she's ever done? [28:21]
What advice does she have for young people? [31:28]
Assume positive intent. Our stories are our killers! [33:00]

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