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Dressing up Shoes with Candy

Kara Mac Ep. 76 - She does WHAT?  Dresses up shoes with candy? Hear Kara Mac's Shark Tank experience!  Kara digs deep  to share everything she can about her journey to entrepreneurship after being an employee for most of her professional life. Kara Mac, an entrepreneur who spent 25 years of her life as an apparel designer, later followed through with the idea of creating women's shoes that work in every circumstance.

Top Takeaways:

    • Turning a simple idea into a profit-making business.
    • The importance of having an influential voice that helps you to seriously act toward achieving your goals.
    • The challenges of balancing business and family as a woman.
    • The process of getting a patent and its importance.
    • The fear and pride of a mother in the 21st century.
    • Teaching and advocating for women's empowerment.
    • The importance of keeping your day job before your business can stand on its own.
    • Tips to consider when starting a business.

Learn the importance of keeping your day job as you work to pursue your entrepreneurial goals.

"If you have an idea that is very solid and different than anyone else's, cover yourself by having a nondisclosure agreement prepared for anybody you meet along the path. And be careful where you manufacture because you never know who could take your ideas wherein the "deep pockets" might make it impossible for you to get it back."


Kara describes where the idea of having "a shoe that fits everywhere" came from, and the work she put into making it real.

After two years of sweat and hard work, she launched Shoe Candy by Kara Mac in 2015, making it the first shoe in the world with the instant heel to toe customization. Meet this most A-Maz-Ing woman with multiple dimensions: she teaches Illustrator classes online to high school students, declaring it to be very rewarding, takes tons of educational classes, and participates in webinars with the commitment to lifelong learning.


Key Moments:

Kara explains how her commuting experience gave her the idea to design a "one shoe fits all" for women. [2:58]
She shares what her biggest challenge was when starting her business. [4:27]
Kara explains the type of products she has on her shoe line. [6:43]
How she took that leap of faith and gave up a successful career to go after an uncertain dream. [8:04]
The words Daymond John of Shark Tank said to her that triggered the decision to quit her job and become serious about her idea. [8:27]
How did she get a one-on-one presentation with Daymond John? [10:44]
What is Kara's biggest success story? [11:40]
Kara explains the process she used to get a patent. [12:02]
What you should consider when going for a patent. [14:19]
Why having a business partner is Kara's biggest concern. [16:15]
Kara shares her creative childhood and how it helped her choose her design career. [17:15]
Just how did she balance starting a business and being a mother? [18:31]
Why Kara's greatest achievement is her extended family and her Christian faith. [22:19]
Sharing with women what she has learned and also advocating for women empowerment. [23:35]
Tips every up-and-coming entrepreneur should take into consideration before starting a business. [25:05]
Why you should keep your day job as you work on your business idea. [26:54]
Kara shares why she wants to license her business and the time it might take. [27:26]
Her advice "for youngsters" who want to pursue entrepreneurship. [29:20]
The power of following your passion. [31:31]
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