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Ep. 81 - Meet Emily Josenhans, a great example of business ideas for women in nutrition. She is the founder of Domaine Santé, a local company that makes the first sugar alternative from sustainably sourced California wine grapes. Emily Josenhans wants to help people ditch the artificial sweeteners. Grape nectar not only tastes incredible, but it is good for you and the environment. She started Domaine Santé Grape Nectar to give a healthier and more holistic alternative that adds a natural sweetener to food and beverages. Building a healthy product is informed by her work as a nutritionist, where she helped clients make healthier diet choices prior to launching her business. She has worked to create healthier lifestyles for individuals and groups in her career in nutritional counseling and science over the past ten years. Hear Josenhans describe the entrepreneurship journey, partnering with her sommelier husband in sustainably sourcing California grapes and trying to find balance along the way. Try her delicious recipes - from smoothies to salads to French toast! Then go her to cocktail recipes page!

Top Takeaways:

    • Learn the process of making the grape nectar that is a sugar alternative
    • Having a passion for teaching people how to be healthy
    • The power of having a resilient heart to succeed as an entrepreneur
    • Joining a powerful group of women in business that inspires and supports you through your business journey by offering the right skills and tools
    • The meaning of an Accelerator and the importance of joining one especially as a woman in business
    • The hard task of learning to navigate the finances of a startup

Listen in to learn how she incorporated her nutrition experience to start a business that not only made a profit but helped people stay healthy even as they indulge.

"I think when you go into business as a woman, you don't really know what you're up against. In such a male-dominated world, without even considering the industry. I really owe a lot of my progress to the women who shined the light on so many issues I didn't know I was up against."

Business Ideas for Women in Nutrition

She has a passion for finding balance and moderation in each of her client's diets and habits even though one of the most overwhelming struggles of almost every one of her clients was with sugar. It was also difficult for her clients to navigate the landscape of sugar alternatives, so she decided to disrupt the industry and create a better tasting, healthier option. The best of both worlds!

Her husband and partner Jeff is a certified sommelier and has been innovating in the food and beverage industry on a professional level for over 20 years. His expertise and palate has helped shape the formulation of the product and drive the bar and restaurant focus where Domaine Sante Grape Nectar got its start. Jeff has been featured on Food Network, The Wine Advocate, and more.

Hear how her business has expanded beyond the borders of the United States.

Key Moments:

Emily shares why she started her business and what it does [2:33]

She explains the process they use to make the grape nectar [5:47]

How her decision to leave her home state of Arizona to Southern California has impacted her life and career in a great manner [7:21]

How she finds her success in teaching people how to be healthy while indulging in natural sugar [8:51]

How she learned to overcome business challenges by exercising resiliency and taking every challenge as an opportunity [10:16]

She talks about the impact that the Women's Venture Summit has had on her as an entrepreneur [11:14]

What has she learned in the accelerator? [13:03]

She explains how her values and morals as a person and a woman have helped her in investor setting 16:35]

Her fears for her stepdaughter growing up in the era of increased bullying and social media expectations [21:51]

The challenges she faced working in the oncology and what she learned about cancer patients especially in relations to diet [24:10]

What life lesson would she pass on to young people of today [30:41]


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