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Building Business Around Helping Others

Ep. 34 - W. James Hindman, referred to as Jim, has exhibited a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and educational commitment throughout his varied professional career and has been recognized as a  a life-long Heartrepreneur®. He had made his first million by age 35 -- not bad for a poor Iowa boy reared in an orphanage.

Top Takeaways:

    • Having a motivated desire to help older and younger people
    • Having the inspiration to do good for other people through the health sector
    • How to grow your business by telling people how to solve problems
    • Why young people need a firm and kind hand to lead them on the right path
    • Learning the philosophy of educating children and practicing it and making a difference

Listen in to hear how even at 85 years, James still feels the need to contribute to fulfilling other people's dreams. This is one of the most positive, uplifting and inspiring people you will meet.

"I think importantly is to recognize that no matter the size of the challenge, it maybe small before it gets to the large problem. If we handle the small ones, then the big ones will somehow come in size we can handle."

Jim Hindman was Founder and President of W. J. Hindman & Associates, a real-estate development, health care and consulting company. He owned and operated 18 nursing home facilities throughout Baltimore, Maryland, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska. Always looking toward success, he had concurrent consulting contracts with clients include Trans World Airlines, Aerojet-General Corp., Xerox, National Health Services, United Fruit Companyhttps://ysi.org/, Gateway, IBM, TWA, NASA, Autodesk and Dassault. As the consummate entrepreneur, he founded additional companies including Avatech Solutions, Inc., Youth Services International, Inc., and Jiffy Lube International, Inc. It is no wonder he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the International Franchise Association in Washington D.C.!

He has a strong background in health care services. He was administrator of Baltimore County General Hospital with a term contract to achieve restoration of accreditation and viability to a hospital in difficult straits. He achieved both objectives ahead of schedule. Prior to that, he was Director of Medical Administration for Trans World Airlines, Inc. John F. Kennedy Space Center/Occupational Health Center, Cocoa Beach, Fl.

Hear about when he was the head football coach of the Western Maryland College. His most impressive efforts have been on behalf of young people. His mission is to help young people achieve their goals, building his businesses around helping others.

In 1995, he moved to his 90-acre farm in Westminster, Maryland to pursue his life-long dream of breeding and raising thoroughbred horses. Today, he is leaving his beloved farm and going to assisted living. We know he will be as creative and successful there as he has been throughout his entire life.

Listen in to learn all the achievements that Jim has made in his life-long career and the impacts he made when in the healthcare sector. You will also learn the importance of being of service to others- both the young and the old- and helping them get through life.

Key Moments:

Jim explains why he believes that people are receiving more in public policy now in contrast to how it was back then [4:57]
He talks about how strong spiritual teachings instilled in him as a child helped shape his life as an adult [6:19]
He tells stories of his early entrepreneurial venture's experiences [8:09]
He shares his journey into the health sector and eventually business for himself [13:06]
How he got into Jiffy Lube after retiring from the nursing home business to a horse farm [18:49]
How he transformed football players into hospital executives [22:32]
He talks about the agency where he designed educational and rehabilitation materials for the youth from Pennsylvania to other states [25:52]
How they were able to build the facilities they needed to facilitate those youths' programs [29:23]
Why he believes that there's still so much he would like to accomplish to help the young people [34:22]
He tells the stories of when he worked at the Kennedy Space Center [35:07]

Entrepreneur of the Year
Youth Services International

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