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Acknowledge Someone and Change Their Life

Ep. 89 - Linda Gorin, the president at The Best to You, acknowledges someone and changes their life every day! She is a corporate gift consultant, power of appreciation speaker, and master imagineer. She feels a gift basket is a special way to acknowledge someone and change their life! She is a leader in San Diego themed gift baskets and keepsakes, corporate gifts and gift baskets, convention gift baskets, San Diego hotel, and hospitality gifts, and corporate business appreciation and employee gifts. Linda started her business at her kitchen table creating fun and memorable gift baskets which were just a hobby then. But customers loved her creative baskets so much that they kept on coming back. Like many successful business owners, Linda Gorin got started at her kitchen table.

Top Takeaways:

    • How to take pride in the business that you do
    • Learn how to run a gift basket business which requires a lot of research and creativity
    • The importance of having a loyal team of employees that sticks with you even in bad times
    • How to utilize your creative side for the benefit of your business
    • The power of perseverance and mentors when running a business
    • Why you need to be grateful and find joy in what you already have

Listen in to gather tips on how you can also start a business out of a hobby as you build relationships with other businesses.

"I wish the world could be like my father saw it. . . a peace that we are all interested in each other's customs, love each other, and get rid of hate."

Creating fun and memorable gift baskets began as a hobby, filling a few orders at a time. But customers loved the creative baskets that would make a friend's day or bring joy to a significant other. One year later she and her husband launched their first standalone store in San Diego, which has expanded six times. They were voted one of the best gift shops in San Diego!

Linda says there have been so many good stories and memories over the years she plans to write a book. There's the customer whose basket capped the perfect wedding proposal. Or the boss who was able to salvage a work relationship after being grouchy at the office. Linda shares the magic behind just the right gifts for all of life's moments.

Learn the meaning of being creative with effective marketing campaigns for your business.

Key Moments:

Linda describes her company's philosophy that she takes great pride in [2:39]

The type of gift baskets they make and their typical clientele [3:36]

She explains how they come up with designs for every occasion, what basket comes with each gift, and where they ship to [6:55]

The people she works with and what keeps them innovative and motivated [11:35]

How her father inspired her with creativity and to be a people's person [14:07]

Why did she leave her personalized paint gift items job? [16:32]

How she took a leap of faith by starting a business without much money and persevering through its hard times [19:04]

What are her hopes for her business in the future? [21:42]

She tells a story of how she was inspired by her junior high teacher to become more than just shy [22:13]

Why she believes in the 'everything happens for a reason' philosophy and in building strong business relationships [25:34]

The strengths that are brought about by the struggles of life [28:01]

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