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Emptying Out the 'Head Trash'

Thresette Briggs Ep. 87 - Meet Thresette Briggs, interviewed on TrailBlazersImpact Podcast, a designer of innovative, integrated performance solutions, who has been called a 'voice' for high-performance. Thresette Briggs saw the joy and unintended consequences of entrepreneurship while growing up. Her father was a source of inspiration given his business leadership and determination to succeed. But that often took him away from the family, and his young death at 56 weighed on her ambitions. Entrepreneurship was the dream, but she describes "head trash" needing to be emptied out for the journey ahead. So after enough time in the corporate world, Briggs knew with the right balance she could build up her career as a successful entrepreneur and mentor.

Top Takeaways:

    • Helping people sustain new behaviors that are needed for high performance and effectiveness in a business
    • Learning to focus on things that matter as a business owner
    • How to identify your highest performing self to minimize and reduce the barriers that exist and find the right place
    • How to have the courage and voice to help others use their voices and perform at their highest
    • Learning to simplify the things you do in your business to help your clients with their pain.
    • How to let go off perfectionism and leverage what you do best

Listen to hear how you can take your business to the next level using a patented model for being a high performer.


"Learn what works best for you. Self-awareness of who you are as a leader, business owner, and your vision is something that has to be very clear."


Best Black Female Entrepreneur with a Patented Process

Now Thresette Briggs leads her firm Performance 3 as Chief Performance Officer. Thresette developed a coaching model, IDS Performance Coaching® services, so unique it was awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. She uses it to guide organizations of all sizes who want to embark on business transformation.

She has over 20 years' as a thought leader collaborating with leaders in over 10 industries to provide services and products for achieving high-performance cultures. She is a certified speaker, trainer, coach, and facilitator, and her award-winning national Women's Business Enterprise delivers world-class solutions for global, diverse companies with up to 10,000 employees and over $20 billion in revenue. She also does voice talent for radio and videos and has received multiple honors and recognition.

Learn the importance of authenticity and self-awareness to experience the true meaning of business success.

Key Moments:

Thresette Briggs explains the inspiration behind her coaching business partitioning [3:22]

How she lacked the courage to sustain herself as a business owner and spent 20 years in corporate America being unfulfilled [6:02]

She explains how she learned to identify her gifts and utilize them in her business as a way to balance work and life [9:25]

The unfulfillment she found in her corporate America job [11:41]

How money drives people to do things they don't necessarily want to do but have to do them to succeed [14:24]

She describes her biggest success story as the ability to still be in business after 10 years [20:42]

She advises on how to build a clientele and mentions where she gets her own from [27:33]

How she has learned to execute patience in the things she cannot do and be persistent in the journey [30:24]

The vision of expanding her business nationally and on the internet in the next five years [34:45]

What advice would she give to younger people today? [36:15]




Speaker Thresette Briggs

Certified Speaker

Patented Coaching Model

Chief Performance Officer


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