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Time for Radical Change

Ep. 13 - Joseph M. Ventrone, the Vice President of the National Association of REALTORS® Federal Policy and Industry Relations Team, feels that it is a time for radical change and believes that HUD and federal housing policy need a realignment. After over 40 years of industry experience in the private sector, Congress, HUD, and federal agencies, he believes housing policy is in a 'sorry state of affairs.'

Top Takeaways:

    • The need for housing policy to modernize to match up to today's standards
    • Why the housing programs operated at the local level do not need a strong federal administrative agency like HUD
    • The importance of social amenities in housing development today
    • How land prices affect the development of affordable housing
    • The importance of communication that you need to learn when directly dealing with people

Hear how it is time for radical change in the housing industry.

"I have learned over my 18 years on the hill and post hill, that facts do not matter. It's how people view things and the perception of it, not the facts of it." 

Under his leadership, the Federal Policy and Industry Relations Team develops and analyzes policy on housing; real estate finance; business and technology; environment, and commercial real estate. His expertise in housing issues spans over 40 years and includes stints in the private sector, top federal agencies and on Capitol Hill during both the Democratic and Republican administrations. Before joining the NAR in 2003, Mr. Ventrone was a Senior Policy Advisor at the Federal Housing Finance Board. He was also a member of the Bush/Cheney Transition Team at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He says HUD has outlived its usefulness in some ways, with too many policies dictates instead of flexibility for states and local officials to make their own decisions. Policy makers must focus on creating inventory, rethinking how rent control works, and creative solutions.

Despite the challenges, Joe shares insights from his long career, and has optimism about new ideas and bipartisanship taking coming out of the challenging environment in Washington.

Listen in to learn why HUD needs to be replaced by localized housing agencies to bring modernization in the affordable housing sector. You will also learn how today's high pricing of land is causing affordable housing development to stall.

Key Moments:

He talks about being the right hand of Kent Watkins and his overall role in the academy of housing and communities [2:29]

The non-will to change that has led to the sorry state of the housing policy and why he believes that HUD has outlived its initial intent [4:15]

He explains why he believes that HUD should be replaced by local agencies with federal oversight [8:24]

The difference between project-based and tenant-based programs [9:48]

The problems that are facing the voucher programs today [11:02]

Why he believes that smart living is the way to go- the livability index [13:45]

How the high price of land is affecting the development of affordable housing [15:01]

How HUD is planning to withhold affordable housing development unless there's good transportation to these locations [16:45]

He explains why choosing housing, connecting people, and bringing positivity are his legacy [18:44]

How he dreams of writing a book about his experience with his career [20:33]

Learning to communicate- facts don't matter but the perception of it [21:11]

The life lessons he has learned over the years he would pass to young people [22:20]

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