Sarahi Rodriguez Amador


A Singer's Life in a Cruise Ship Band

Sarahi Rodriguez Amador Ep. 92 - What's a singer's life in a cruise ship band really like? Sarahi was born and raised in México and grew up between 2 worlds: Mexico the country of her mother with a strong sound of the fiesta and, Cuba the island of her father with a powerful rhythm. Sarahi started singing as a teenager and studied singing with recognized teachers in Yucatán and Quintana Roo México. She was the lead singer of the production shows of the 5 star resort Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and also in a big band playing in luxurious resorts in the Mayan Riviera México such as Mayakoba. She sings pieces of popular Broadway plays to pop, rock, Latin, jazz among other genres. She landed her dream job as a lead singer in a trio onboard a cruise ship around the world for the last 3 years. She has been singing with Riviera Sounds, Rhythms of the Heart, on Azamara - great music and a singer with a lovely voice - which Nan can attest to personally!

Top Takeaways:

    • Learning to overcome the pain of racism and bullying as a child
    • The life experience of working and living on a cruise ship while traveling the world
    • Learn the process of hiring if you want to work onboard
    • The importance of having patience if you have a dream of working onboard away from the mainland

Hear the inspiring story of Sara, from a bullied child faced by racism to a confident singer traveling the world.

"If you want to live this life, you have to be aware that it's not going to be easy, so patience is key."

Learn about the experience of working and living on a cruise ship. She gives a true picture of the initial loneliness but the positives of seeing the many places in the world people dream about.

Key Moments:

She narrates her childhood as one filled with racism in school but also filled with music at home [3:19]

She shares her journey of making music a career which was faced with challenges [6:10]

She describes her experience in Norway and why it became her favorite place so far [21:15]

Sara explains what she means when she says her voice is versatile [7:23]

How she ended up singing in a cruise ship and the life she's experienced living and working there [8:53]

The hiring process that is done by agencies and the duration it takes to work onboard [14:05]

She describes the best experiences she's had traveling the world [17:05]

Why being away from her family and friends and missing important life events is the hardest part of her job [19:20]

How to apply for a job on a cruise ship [21:42]

How she dealt with the pain of losing her mother who was a pillar and role model of her life [25:21]

She gives advises people who would like to pursue a singing career or any other job on a cruise ship [30:24]

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