Stanley Newman


Federal History of Segregation, Redlining and Civil Rights

Ep. 37 - Stanley Newman recounts hearing Martin Luther King speak in Montgomery, Alabam, the civil rights act of 1964 and 1965, the redlining going on at FHA, and the segregation of public housing. He was director of HUD UDAG program and CEO of the New York City Convention Center.

Top Takeaways:

    • The beginning of the civil rights movement and black awareness- when and how black people realized they could have some influence
    • How Model Cities Program created a new generation of leaders despite many believing it was a failure
    • How middle-class homeowners replaced low-income earners after relocations and rebuilding of homes occurred
    • How retired people teach other retired people- Stanley explains the successful OLLI program.
    • How politics have affected the development of cities across the country

Listen to his first-hand account of these events!

"I learned a lot about the power of Washington as it relates to what really happened on the ground."

Stanley has had a distinguished career in local and federal government since coming to Washington as legislative assistant to Congressman William Fitts Ryan.

After seven years on the Hill, Stan joined the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), where he held senior positions with the Urban Renewal and Model Cities programs. In the 1970s, New York's mayor, John Lindsay, appointed Stan CEO of the New York City Convention Center Corporation. When he returned to HUD, he became the director of one of the government's largest economic development programs, the Urban Development Action Grant program. He tells Nan about the program he directed which was one of the government's largest economic development programs, the Urban Development Action Grant program including its positives and negatives. He received the President's Meritorious Executive in Senior Service Award and HUD's Distinguished Service Award.

For two years Stan was on the staff of Vice President Al Gore and held a senior position with the National Performance Review (the reinventing government project). His last position in government was as associate director for community development for the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Listen to his experiences in working for Congress and HUD and how he created an entirely new program called UDAG.

Key Moments:

He narrates his time working for the Congress and with various campaign committees of prominent politicians [2:26]

He describes the time he worked in Congress as exciting and being actively involved in legislation work as a young person [5:16]

How he contributed to community development and his journey in the public housing sector plus the creation of leaders through the Model Cities Program [8:07]

He explains the meaning of redlining and why they were doing relocations for neighborhoods rebuilding [16:01]

Why the UDAG program was created and the housing development successes it accomplished [20:04]

He describes the educational program of OLLI, how it functions, and its purpose [26:39]

Why marrying his wife is his biggest success and the size and success of the UDEG program is his biggest legacy [29:43]

The complexity of the future of cities and any further developments [31:43]

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