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Ep. 41 - Case Lane has traveled to 100 countries…and what's even more interesting is, she has lived in 11 of them. From one side of the Pacific to the other, Mexico to Tanzania, you name it! She is a global writer, a traveler, an entrepreneur, and an observer to the future. Case Lane describes her experience as a foreign diplomat and global traveler. Educated in communications, political science, business, law and economics, her website,, provides advice to people thinking of starting a business all the way to experienced entrepreneurs.

Top Takeaway:

    • The different levels you get to view a country when you're not traveling like a typical tourist
    • The power of taking action towards your goals and dreams even with opposition and discrimination
    • The effects of technology in the near future and how society is going to adapt
    • Taking the action towards your entrepreneurial journey for the purpose of reaching for the freedom lifestyle
    • The process of self-publishing that authors use to make their books available on Amazon and other online books stores

Listen in to learn how Case views the future of technology and how it's going to impact our interaction with each other and our way of life.

"Every time I was able to do something that people said I couldn't do, it just gave me more strength." -Case Lane

At the beginning of this millennium, Case Lane had a front-row-seat in Hollywood to the transformation from physical to digital media in the entertainment industry. During this time, she helped train a diverse group of current and future media employees to cope with the fast moving world. "I came to realize that the world faced an incredible challenge ahead in preparing the existing population for the changes technology will bring."

She transitioned her incredible hands-on insight into the riveting future tech world created for the Life Online series. In the near future, diplomats, intelligence agents, scientists and rogue technologists are among the "last thinking people on earth." They must cope with technology that is becoming increasingly difficult to understand, in a world where human complacency has all but conceded defeat to forces we no longer contr

After spending most of her career life working for the private and public sector, Case decided to use her business education and experience to become an entrepreneur. Her Ready Entrepreneur business, helps courageous people break away from their 9-5 jobs and build the confidence they need to start their own business. She is a strong believer in fighting for your heart desires even when they're out of the norm.

Learn the process of self-publishing books- valuable information if you're just starting out.

In this episode you'll discover:

Case describes how her childhood and a career in the Canadian foreign service shaped her global interest [1:48]

She talks about the different activities facilitated by different people representing the interests of their countries' abroad [2:55]

She shares her vast global experiences either living, studying, and or working globally [4:11]

How growing up in Winnipeg shaped Case's love for the multicultural and diversity of people [6:35]

Learning to overcome all hurdles and limiting beliefs to achieve your dreams and the impossible [8:07]

How Case made the decision to work for herself without the timelines of other people while helping              others do the same too through her business 'Ready Entrepreneur' [11:22]

What you learn from different entrepreneurial spirits from different cultures across the globe [14:46]

She talks about her fiction and non-fiction work and what she hopes to accomplish with it [18:25]

How technology is going to affect our future as a society in different ways [20:44]



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