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Singing on The Waters

Have you ever wondered what life on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship was like? Christine Markey was an entertainer on that ship, singing on the waters, and recalls some fascinating stories about life on the ship. Truly, you won't want to miss this one!

Top Takeaways:

• What people wore and did on the QE II in a different era of cruising! How fun!
• How the weather influenced the direction and destination of the cruise ship Christine was on
• Comparing cruise ships today and back in the 1980s for both the guests and entertainers
• The importance of learning new things when you are uncomfortable and never giving up

Listen in to hear the exciting experience of being a cruise ship singer especially in an age when things were more formal than today.

"What I loved about working in the cruising industry is that you have the opportunity to learn so much and you get to meet interesting people from different countries."

Christine was born in Newcastle, England, the daughter of a trumpet player. After graduating from Music College, her first singing engagement was in a 5 Star Hotel in Newcastle, where she had to learn 5 new songs every week for 3 years. She was later heard on BBC Radio 2 as a regular featured singer, which brought her wide acclaim. Her cruising career began with a wonderful opportunity to sing on the 'Queen Elizabeth 2', a job which she held for 3 years visiting all corners of the world. She later settled back in Newcastle to carve out a new career as a 'Cabaret Singer' and in 1987 formed the award-winning cabaret act: Inseparable with her husband Tony.

Christine is studying for a Diploma in Calligraphy. She currently has several pieces of calligraphy in exhibition at galleries around the North East and she is a member of the Northumbrian Scribes.

Never one to sit back and relax, in 2002 she formed a new entertainment company along with Tony: Side By Side Productions. When not traveling with Tony (who is a Cruise Director with Azamara Club Cruises), Christine still entertains back home in & around newcastle delivering great music backed by her incredible ability & repertoire.


She narrates how she got into cruise ship singing at 22 years and her life away from home [4:06]
Christine shares her experience from the first time sung on the cruise ship [6:00]
She explains how much cruise ships have changed from 1980 to now as an environment for entertainers [7:53]
She talks about her schedule as a singer and the contrast of back then and today [14:37]
The around the world trips the cruise ship would make, what influenced them, and Christine's overall experience [19:22]
The experiences of her and her husband singing together on the cruise ship and life on the mainland [23:21]
The 94 thousand photos of Christine's career and the puzzle of what to do with them now that she's retired [27:24]
Her advice to young people who would like to pursue a cruise ship music career [31:25]


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