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Innovate to Fix Housing Woes

Ep. 4 - Bob Moss believes that in the next 50 years houses will be built overnight and all because of technology. He has been a witness of how technology has changed in the last 20 years and only imagines the future. He discusses that to meet the myriad of needs in housing, the U.S. needs to be more creative about finding sufficient labor and cutting construction costs. As National Director of Governmental Affairs for tax and advisory firm CohnReznick, he pushes the industry to embrace new, innovative ideas. Look to Europe, he says, where modular and stackable housing is becoming popular. At home, we should rethink the goal of sending everyone to college after high school - many could avoid debt and learn a successful trade in the housing industry. More housing should be built near transportation hubs for better convenience. The solutions are out there, he says, we must embrace and implement new solutions.

Top Takeaways:

    • The shifting of the housing sector from government-funded affordable housing to mostly public-private partnership
    • Having the courage to ask questions and provide creative solutions in what you do
    • How changes in generations affect living patterns and hence housing demand and affordability
    • The importance of choosing the right mentor and for mentors to look for mentees

Listen to his prediction of affordable housing construction using a printer!

" One of the things I think of is how technology is going to change to allow for housing properties to be built overnight, 50 years from now. I think of 3D printing-3D printing is in its infancy. 3D printed houses are printed in Austin, Texas for $10,000.00, ready to go in 24hours, fully functional 2 bedroom homes." -Bob Moss

Bob Moss is the principal national director of government affairs at CohnReznick which ranks among the largest accounting, tax, and business advisory firms in the United States. In this capacity, he helps to protect client interests in the affordable housing industry through the legislative process. He has thirty-six years of affordable multifamily housing experience and includes a variety of areas such as syndication, preservation and development, debt financing, tax credits applications, and property management.

He currently serves as Vice President of the National Leased Housing Association, an organization serving both public and private organizations in the affordable multifamily rental housing field. He is also active with the Council of Independent State Housing Associations (CISHA), the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition, and the ACTION Rental Housing Campaign. His extensive industry and government experience includes serving as the Chairman of the non-partisan Housing Advisory Group which is active in preserving the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program in Congress. He has also served as the Federal Legislative Subcommittee Chair for the Housing Credit Group of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Bob also serves as chairman of the National Leased Housing Association.

He has been Chairman of the Housing Advisory Group, Chairman of National Leased Housing, and on the ACTION legislative steering committee. He has testified before Ways & Means full committee on Housing Credit & Bonds and the Senate Banking subcommittee. He is a member of the Affordable Housing Hall of Fame. In addition, he was honored with the Daniel M. Grady Memorial Award by NAHB for his commitment to advocacy. Prior to joining the Firm, Bob was Senior Vice President and Director of Origination, Affordable Housing, for Boston Capital.

Listen for his thoughts on working with various government officials.

Key Moments:

He describes his different rewarding roles in the public policy and how he views himself as a coach [2:38]

How the housing sector has evolved and the significance of this change in the last 50 years [3:32]

The lessons of accountability and the importance of housing affordability [4:53]

He describes his participation in setting up a successful origination network across the country as his success story [12:16]

How technology changed the affordable housing sector in 20 years and the challenges that came with it like educating people [13:53]

Bob describes his experience working with various secretaries and presidents who were in support of HUD [15:55]

The challenges and changes that await affordable housing in the next fifty years [19:48]

Why there's a need for development to benefit small towns in rural America [24:45]

Bob advises young people to look for mentors in the housing industry if it is where they wish to form their careers [26:00]

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