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Successful Stocks Trader's Top 4 Trading Secrets

Ep. 54 - Nervous about playing the stock market?  Teri Ijeoma gives us her tips and tells us how she shares her investing strategies with people all over the world. Her online classes and coaching calls will teach you how to invest. Named 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year by National Black MBA Association, she knows what she is talking about! She was also the Grand Champion of Teachable's 2019 Creator challenge.

Top Takeaways:

    • How to identify a problem in the market and find a way to solve it
    • Three secrets to becoming a successful stock trader
    • How to rent an apartment when traveling using community programs
    • How to use your knowledge to give others wings to fly and reach for their dreams
    • Learning to dust yourself off and pick yourself up even after a hard fall
    • How to stay calm and educate when faced with discrimination
    • How to stay afraid with your goals but still pursue them anyway
    • Listen in to hear Teri demystify myths that surround her three secrets of stock trading. Also learn how you can become financially free and travel the world by trading stocks.

"Being able to use the bank's money to trade is one secret to being a successful stocks trader."

Teri ljeoma shares her 4 secrets to trading in the stock market. Her interest in the stocks market started when she was in high school, and she worked on Wall Street to learn the trade. She credits her mother and her grandmother for her success today, her drive to persevere and that motivation to keep going. Creating her course "Trade and Travel" has been one of her major contributions, teaching individuals how to invest in the stock market and how to make their money work for them. The success of her students keeps her motivated.

Teri began her professional career working in education and the non-profit world. When she started trading stocks nine years ago, she initially saw it as an opportunity to simply supplement her income. However, she was so successful with this side hustle that in 2017 she decided to quit her job, travel the world, and began trading in the stock market. She set up and taught her first class in Thailand, her second in Vietnam, and had a full-fledged curriculum created by the time she returned to the States. Teri now offers an online curriculum that shares her investing strategies with people all over the world. She also partners with organizations and companies to train and empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and build wealth through investing.

She also shares some of her travel tips from using Airbnb to renting an apartment.

Teri is passionate about her faith and being an Angel Investor where she invests in ministries that are creating an impact around the world. One life lesson she wants to pass on to the younger generation is to "do it afraid."

Learn how to pick good companies, protect your portfolio, price the trade, and push forward!

Key Moments:

She describes how she saw a problem in the market as a young high schooler and is now working to solve it [1:46]

She explains her secrets about the stock market that will help you get started [3:45]

Learn where you can get resources and information about best trading moves [6:16]

She talks about where to find her 'Trade and Travel' course and its value [7:21]

How she travels across the globe working remotely while staying at either a rented apartment or an Airbnb. [8:42]

She talks about her passions in faith, movies, and videography. [12:17]

How she has contributed to helping people by teaching them with her trading course [13:47]

She shares a story of when she lost $20k overnight which made her give up and learn to pick herself up again [16:07]

What you need to equip yourself with before getting started trading in the stock market [21:04]

She shares the lessons she learned from both her mother and grandmother that have contributed to her success [25:08]

Why you need to stay calm and speak up when faced with discrimination or stereotype [26:05]

What life lesson would she pass on to younger people who want to succeed in life [28:41]

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