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The Grand Leap

Ep. 100 - Tony Markey is one person that fully understands the advantages and disadvantages of taking the grand leap! He has taken many of them throughout his adult life and has never had second thoughts about it. Imagine applying for a science graduate job as an 18-year-old who just completed high school? Or maybe leaving a teaching job in the middle of a school year for a temporary singing job that will possibly be over in a month? Well, that's Tony for you, the ever risk-taker who chases after his passion even if it means passing through the fire. From England to 126 countries, he has had a most amazing life with the love of his life, the beautiful Christine, Episode 97.

Top Takeaways:

    • The magic of pursuing your passion together with your loved one that feels the same way
    • Understanding how things with cruise ship employees work- from contracts to building families onboard
    • How to create a family-themed and loyal crew as a cruise ship director to make the journey efficient
    • Having the courage to take the grand leap and give up on what doesn't make you happy
    • How to passionately believe in yourself, take the leap, and keep at it even when things get tough
    • Learning to work hard for what you want and not expecting things to happen instantly

Listen in to hear the incredible journey of Tony Markey that is narrated with so much humor and intellect of going after what you want in life - and discover his most recent job!

"Talent is not enough, you have to work hard to sustain it." -Tony Markey

Tony is originally from London, England. He has had a varied career beginning as a medical research scientist as part of a team that developed the first heart-lung machine. He had 3 scientific papers published before starting out for a career in medicine where he was going to be a cardiac surgeon. After he qualified as a Pharmacologist his life changed when, in 1983 he starred in the Song For Europe Contest for BBC TV, the competition that launched ABBA. After this dramatic change of career he trained under the Trinity College, London and attended the highly rated Sylvia Young Theatre School in London's West End where he honed his art and has subsequently starred in many shows.

After a few years touring in theatre shows, he moved to Newcastle and met his wife, Christine Market (episode 97.) They formed a double act and worked as guest entertainers on cruise ships (The Steve & Eydie Gormè of the cruise ship world).

In 1997 they came home and Tony went to law school and later transferred his degree to Science Education. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and taught high school science for a few years, but hated it and went back to cruise ships.

He has toured the world for a variety of cruise companies including Sun Cruises, Cunard, P&O, Seabourn (where he was crucially involved in the infamous "Pirate Incident"!)
In 2005 he was offered a 2 month temporary position as Cruise Director back with his old company 'Seabourn'. In 2008 he was 'head hunted' to make the move to a new company looking to raise their profile in the luxury market. He has been with Azamara ever since and is now the senior Cruise Director. Working on all 3 ships he was honored to be asked to be the take out team on the Pursuit and has called it home ever since.

Having visited 126 countries he still has a lust for life at sea and can't wait to visit another 126.

He is proud to have been the singing voice of the world's number 1 toy: 'My Little Pony'! He also had a #6 hit single in the UK Gospel Chart. Copies of his newer album "I'd Rather Be Sailing" is available on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon and can be purchased on our SHOP page.

Hear how he fell in love at first sight!

Key Moments:

Tony explains why we are products of our parents and why that should never stop us from taking a leap to our grand life [3:19]

From a kid smitten with becoming a scientist to a scientist leaving it all behind to go after his passion for singing [5:16]

He narrates the story of how he and his wife met, fell in love and intertwined their singing careers [10:42]

He explains how he fell in love with the cruise ship entertaining lifestyle and made it a part of his life [12:20]

Tony explains cruise ships employment contracts and who he works for exactly [17:20]

The family he has created on board over the years and why they're important than the ship [21:08]

Tony rains praise to his current captain as the most intellectual captain he's ever met in his 32 years as a cruise ship employee [23:02]

How he has created a loyal family-themed setup with his onboard crew to ensure efficiency [25:59]

He narrates the stories of taking risks and going back to singing and the events that led to him to become a cruise director [30:16]

The importance of hard work and patience when going after your dreams and the things you're passionate about [48:21]

He explains the events that landed him the job of lending his voice to 'My Little Pony' for 50 pounds [50:53]

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