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Truth Telling in Hollywood

Ep. 103 - Meet Cassandra Williams, the CEO and president of WET PR (Write, Edit, Tell it), a public relations firm in Beverly Hills, California. It has a unique approach to enhancing the image of people in the realm of the entertainment industry.  Cassandra was an opening act for Joan Rivers and talks about her experience of being fired. That experience framed her decision to open her business, WET PR, with a "for real person" helping others become successful.

Top Takeaways:

    • How to go after what you want without making a lot of noise about it
    • How to identify a problem and be creative enough to come up with a solution that works
    • The power of the truth in leaders and ordinary people in general- how Cassandra is led by the truth and the need to help others.
    • The fakeness of the television world and how money drives the whole industry with only a few good people
    • How to end racism by understanding the root cause and the healing for it

Listen in to learn how you can recognize a problem, find a solution, and make it a successful business.

"The biggest problem in society now and in the future is racism, because people are not understanding each level of what racism is." -Cassandra Williams

Shaq O'Neal

At an event they coordinated, Shaquille Rashaun "Shaq" O'Neal, an American former professional basketball player who is a sports analyst on the television program Inside the NBA on TNT, was the Chairperson of the event. He is widely considered one of the greatest players in National Basketball Association history, and Cassandra felt it was one of their most successful events. She also helped a famous young lady change her image from the reality show persona to who she really is - and she's one of the top rated persons in reality TV today. She talks about her unique approach to being a publicist. Nan and Cassandra talk about racism and her dreams for the future.

Cassandra is a self-described "South Central Girl" who tells about her experience in managing properties and then becoming a relocation specialist for HUD properties. She felt there were some problems with the relocation program as written. She helped HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros and HUD staff rework the relocation program and took it back to implement it under her newly-formed WET National Relocation Services and was named one of the top relocation companies. The firm was formed to assist families to improve their quality of life while being relocated from crisis situations while returning to mainstream living.  Her mission was to relocate families with a unique and sensitive approach by going door-to-door to explain and allay their fears.

W.E.T. was originally formed to assist families to improve their quality of life while being relocated from crisis situations. President and CEO Cassandra Williams established a "unique" and "sensitive" approach to assist families to improve their quality of life while returning to main stream living.

Ms. Williams realized that if a person is not comfortable with him or her self, he/she cannot move forward with any aspect of their life. While assisting families with social service referrals, job training/development and all aspects of improved living, Ms. Williams began to ascertain that many individuals who were trying to pursue their goals in the entertainment industry, could not express themselves orally or verbally, hold an interview or communicate effectively to the media. Thus W.E.T. PR, Inc. was formed.

Learn the importance of maintaining the truth and respect as a leader.

Key Moments:

How Cassandra's parents instilled the love of education in her and the influence of her mother's words in her life [3:04]

She shares her journey in the housing sector and the purpose of the relocation of families that she did [4:38]

She shares what drove her to shift her career from property development to entertainment PR [10:13]

How she is driven by her Christian faith and pursuit for the truth [12:36]

She shares a story of one of her most recent interesting events with a client [13:41]

She explains how an interesting event has turned out to be her biggest success story [15:40]

How she helped one young lady client of hers to completely change her image and rate top in reality TV [17:00]

The qualities that are lacking in leadership today and the painful truth of racism in society today [23:17]

She describes her value for her relationship with God and dreams for the future [25:24]

The words of wisdom that Cassandra has for the younger generation [27:07]


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