Runa Magnus


Divisive Black and White Thinking

RÚNA MAGNÚSDÓTTIR, (Runa Magnus) created the antidote for divisive and black and white thinking in the #NoMoreBoxes Movement.  We all unconsciously box people, creating automatic perceptions and resulting conflict. Find out how a change in a little four-letter word can change your world. She believes that life doesn't exist in Black & White. But instead in shades of grey and glorious technicolor. Find the 5 C's that will help change your world. Listen to her experience at the Impact Leadership Global Summit held at the United Nations headquarters.


Top Takeaways:

    • The power of being bold enough and stop putting people into boxes they do not belong in
    • How equality will create a world with human resources accessibility not create human waste
    • The importance of admitting that we unconsciously put people into boxes in order to change the conversation and learn to catch ourselves as we're about to do it
    • How to transform your life and the way you see the world by replacing your box behaviors with the word 'some'

Listen in to learn the importance of creating an equal world where people are not judged by where they are from, how they look, or which religion they believe in.

"Somehow we've come to believe that being right is more important than listening to others. - Rúna Magnúsdóttir

  • Runa Magnus the CEO and founder of the Change Makers as a life & leadership coach and mentor, helping leaders, creators and politicians to build their brand with integrity, harmony and joy. She is the co-creator of the #NoMoreBoxes Movement and the #SomeNotAll Movement. She is the creator of Connected-Women, one of the first online community sites for women entrepreneurs, and co-creator of the EU-WIIN Personal Branding Boutique and Program, BRANDit.
  • She has written and published two books; The Personal Branding Book and Programs; Branding Your X-Factor and co-author of The Story Of Boxes, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, a book that provides the key to change divisive thinking.



    She's the creator and host of the Change Makers podcast and an inspirational international personal branding speaker, strategist, and author from Iceland.


    She has received a number of international awards, including The International Alliance of Women's The 100 World of Difference Award in 2009 and The Leadership Award from The Network for Transformational Leaders 2019. She was also the recipient of the European & International Women Inventors award which showcases the work of innovative women for capacity building.  In 2020 she was a speaker at the Enterprising Women Conference.

    Learn how you can become more aware of your boxing behaviors and catch them to change the equality conversation.

     Key Moments:

    The 5Cs framework that will help change your world and start to identify your x-factor [3:01]

    Runa narrates her experience at the Impact Leadership Global Summit 2018- the lessons on gender equality she learned and how the #NoMoreBoxes Movement was born [6:19]

    Why we need to unbox ourselves from what makes us safe and ignorant plus the importance of changing our thoughts and behaviors for a better equal world [19:01]

    How to use a language that gives space to equality by using the word 'some' and changing the conversations for the better [21:00]

    The endlessness of the boxes which are defined by how we perceive others and ourselves to be [21:52]

    Runa explains how history and perception are part of drivers that create boxes [31:16]

    How change can be found when we talk about the real issue and let go of box behaviors [33:29]

    How we like to be accepted and feel safe and only find it with people who are similar to us which is why we shield ourselves from anything different [35:52]

    Runa explains why she wants to achieve change in people's preformed thinking and help them open up to giving others space [40:00]



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