A Beacon of Hope


My journey started in a small town in India. The support of many nurturing people around me, coupled with my relentless pursuit of excellence led to my professional success. As Mrs. Washington, I was able to raise $7,000 for Victoria's Voice and save precious lives from being wasted due to the drug epidemic. I helped raise $22,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue to help the families of frontline workers fighting COVID-19.

Immobilized by complications during my pregnancy, instead of allowing despair to take hold, I determined to recover and become the best version of myself. My recovery inspired me to help other mothers recover both physically and emotionally from the stresses of pregnancy through the strength in motherhood program.

I have been chosen as one of the semi-finalists for Mrs. India 2021. As I prepare for this coveted title, I emphasize the importance of education. I will spread awareness about this important issue especially in Asia. I believe access to education is important for children to reach their full potential. Education has played an important role in where I am today, and I want to set an example for young girls to dream big and know that they can achieve those dreams.

When I think of the past year, I believe I represent a beacon of hope for everyone, to dream big and believe that you can achieve those dreams. I have grown and been tested more than I could've imagined but, through facing my fears head on. We can handle far beyond what our insecurities tell us we are capable of.

I have always believed that change starts from within, and no act of kindness is small.

-Brian Tracy

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