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How to Close the Diversity Gap in Housing

Top Takeaways:

    • The social disparities between the American rich, middle class, and poor generations and why there is a need for extraordinary focus
    • Understanding why the current recession is projected to cut deeper but also recover faster than any other before it
    • Utilizing experts for policy effectiveness during the policymaking process
    • Why we need to forcefully create intentional outcomes with policies for real change to happen in the housing sector

Listen in to understand why there is a problem in diversity in housing today.

Ep. 56 - David Stevens wants to close the diversity gap in housing and allow more inclusion for a better and diverse America. He would like to see a country where the economic gap is less wide and both the majority and the minority have safe affordable places to call home. The only way to do that is to close the diversity gap in housing. He believes in the creation of inclusive policies that give access to each group. He tells us how to and who should create the kind of policies needed.


David knows what he is talking about. He is CEO of Mountain Lake Consulting. Prior to that, David Stevens was CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Prior to assuming this position, Dave served as the Assistant Secretary for Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He is known inside the beltway as a key housing influencer, serving as an industry authority on major mortgage finance legislative and regulatory issues.

Dave has more than 30 years of experience in mortgage finance and has held several executive level positions in sales, acquisition, investment, risk management and regulatory oversight, including positions in senior management with Wells Fargo, Freddie Mac and World Savings. Prior to his appointment by the Obama Administration to serve at HUD, Dave was President and COO of the Long and Foster Companies.

"Keep an insatiable appetite for knowledge, be accepting of others, and always surround yourself with diversity, whether it's diverse thinking, or diverse ways of coming to a conclusion when working on projects, or a diverse organization that can help you recognize things that you may be missing as a leader." -David Stevens


Dave is often quoted in the national and trade media and regularly appears on television and radio to offer insight on issues affecting the mortgage and housing market. He currently serves on the board of MBA Opens Doors Foundation, MBA's national 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization for philanthropic ventures.


In 2013, Dave received the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) Founders Award, presented to individuals that have distinguished themselves by their work in support of sustainable Hispanic homeownership to improve the quality of life for Hispanics in America. He has been named to Bloomberg's "50 Most Powerful People in Real Estate" list, and twice recognized as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders" by Inman News. Dave was also named to Mortgage Professional America's "The Hot 100 List."

Learn why housing needs to be prioritized by the federal government to see real changes in the sector.

Key Moments:

David narrates his journey in the real estate industry for many years coming from the mortgage industry and how he ended up in Washington doing policy [2:46]

The many factors that are leading to differences and challenges in the housing sector today [5:31]

How the housing sector is changing from primarily being owned by whites to being owned by minorities [8:51]

Why this COVID-19 recession is going to be very different from the previous ones for homes and home buyers and why the employment recovery is going to be relatively faster than previous recessions [12:43]

The current housing sector problem in New York and Washington cities and the overall challenges of housing policy and affordability [19:11]

David describes the functions of the Mortgage Bankers Association and their importance in housing policy [25:02]

He talks about his firm Mountain Lake Consulting; what they're doing and who they work with [30:05]

He talks about his success in both leading a senior role at HUD during a recession and transforming the Mortgage Bankers Association financially [35:17]

David narrates how he worked in transforming a completely financially constrained organization [37:01]

Why issues around housing need to be made a priority by the oncoming government administration [38:45]

David advises young people to remain diverse, work hard, have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and much more to be great leaders [43:16]

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