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Ep. 58 - Norm McLoughlin is a master of creative real estate financing in the public sector. Whether it is tax exempt bonds, tax credit, or federal, state or local funds, Norm has experience in all of them! As President of the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies or Director of the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority, Norm has created thousands of jobs and added millions of dollars to the tax rolls. He explains the differences in financing and developing much-needed affordable housing in rural areas, along with the Self-Help Homeownership Program which became the largest program of its type in the Northwest.

Top Takeaways:

    • The benefits of mixed-income housing in providing housing equality in communities
    • How high-interest rate in tax credits created problems for affordable housing developers
    • The importance of the federal government's self-help program in building communities and people's characters and strength
    • Understanding the future of affordable housing as a lucrative business sector
    • How working remotely for employees will completely change the development of office space going forward

Listen in to learn the importance of mixed-income housing and the federal government's self-help program in bringing communities together.

"It is important that you have a good education and know the kind of people you want to work with. Also, figure out how you can help others, so you are contributing to society." -Norman S. McLoughlin

Norman McLoughlin is the founder of McLoughlin and Associates and a seasoned executive with 30 years of leadership experience in public administration, economic policy development, and all aspects of affordable housing. He is also a nationally recognized innovator in utilizing tax-exempt bonds, federal, state and local funds, and tax credits to complete award-winning projects in urban and rural environments.

Norman demonstrated his leadership abilities as President of the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies where he participated in successful efforts to maintain funding for housing and economic development programs.

Mr. McLoughlin was selected by the community for the Puget Sound Energy Pioneer Award and a gas lamp on the Bremerton waterfront. He was recognized for his work on Bremerton's downtown revitalization and for helping to create more affordable housing in Kitsap County.

Learn about the future of affordable housing and development in general after COVID-19.

Key Takeaways:

Norman describes his career as a housing practitioner and some of the policies that came up all these years [3:09]

Why he became interested in economic development in both rural and urban cities [7:11]

How mixed housing benefitted communities plus the contribution of tax credits in housing development [8:05]

Norman explains how they utilized bonds to build before paying them off and selling the houses to tenants [10:32]

He talks about the toughest financing where he had to get many people to sign leases for the floors they would own when they finished paying them off [13:54]

He explains how he changed the tax-exempt law which was for the benefit of housing developers [16:37]

Why Norman considers his job at the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies as the most rewarding in his career [19:39]

He describes community projects that he considers his legacy some of which he got recognition by the community themselves [20:51]

How Norman led the redeveloped and community revitalization of Bremerton city from the bottom up [22:24]

Norman's experience working with the treasury in place-based subsidies program [24:28]

Understanding the federal government's self-help program and its contribution to building strong communities [25:33]

How Amazon affected the lives of low-income people when it decided to headquarter in Seattle [28:52]

How the challenge of inequity in the world is causing inadequate affordable housing for low-income earners [33:55]

Why affordable housing will be a lucrative business in the future [34:35]

Norman advises young people to value education and not be afraid to take chances [37:35]

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