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Living Her Convictions and Beliefs

Ep. 50 - Debbie Feinberg embodies living her convictions and beliefs! Some say leaders are born not made while others say, they are made not born. Well, in Debbie Feinberg's case, you can say it was both; she always carried an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Debbie grew up in an environment of helping others and was a creative entrepreur as a child. She talks about her Jewish heritage and living in Israel for a year during a particularly tumultuous time politically. She discusses living her convictions and staying close to her authentic self at all times. After executive success in many areas, she has formed a company, Jump Start, which specializes in world-class marketing, branding, and communication support.

Top Takeaway:

    • How society presented women with cultures where they had to either tread lightly or not care to be treated with respect
    • The importance of authenticity and transparency regardless of the consequences
    • Get as many experiences as you can in your job field when you're young and be the best contributor you can be
    • Why women shouldn't be their own enemies if they all have a purpose in life and instead learn from each other

Listen in to learn the importance of confidence, authenticity, and transparency when making decisions and not thinking of the consequences in the process.

"If more people listen to each other, the world would be a better place." -Debbie Feinberg

In her podcast, Debbie discusses roles for women, both traditionally and today, as well as her career, focused on marketing products in the medical device and health care fields. She has a passion as a connector with people. Through her parents' support and her leadership skills in nurturing, she went on to become a leader in the career fields she chose. Debbie served as Vice President of Marketing in a company providing a body risk assessment through machine learning and artificial intelligence affecting longevity. Debbie is a recognized Leader in Marketing with a demonstrated track record of identifying and launching new products, crafting strategies and executing plans to grow market share. A decisive leader who is known for making quick, data based decisions with an ability to refocus and alter plans according to changing market needs, she is known for her ability to manage multiple priorities with grace.

Debbie Feinberg has worked in marketing for organizations serving the medical field and the non-profit educational space. She began her career  with Nature Made vitamins working with the health and beauty segment. At ThermoScan, she expanded market share in the mass market for this innovative ear thermometer before taking on roles at diagnostic firms in San Diego. Specializing in branding and raising awareness of novel offerings to medical professionals and patients alike, her role at Human Longevity was to expand client acquisition and assure the Health Nucleus brand remained a leader in precision, personalized health assessment. In the 90's she worked with Nan McKay and Associates as marketing manager.

You will also learn the importance of women supporting each other in all endeavors instead of being their own worst enemies.

Key Moments:

Debbie explains the meaning of human longevity which is living healthier longer, and how they use machine learning to give people health risk assessment [2:02]

She talks about her entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and running for leadership roles in school [3:12]

The evolution of women success and why women need to form personal relationships [5:06]

Debbie talks about her first story with discrimination as a woman and the double standard culture women were presented with [7:08]

She describes her passion for connecting with people and making their lives better [8:41]

She describes the trip where she and her husband lived out of America as her leap of faith, and the lessons she learned from it [11:18]

How Debbie learned to be confident and authentic after experiences of making decisions thinking of consequences [16:21]

Debbie advises young people not to get stuck in one career or job and if so, get many experiences they can in one area [18:20]

Why Debbie believes that loyalty is not as important to the millennials in their careers [20:20]

She describes her experiences with being a working mother and the lessons she learned from it [25:19]

She talks about how hopeful she became after surviving breast cancer and how it was one of the most challenging time of her life [27:50]

The power of getting motivated with the right things and making an impact [30:00]

Debbie passes on the life lesson of being kind to others [32:23]

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