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Belinda Kendall Ep. 111 -  What are you passionate about? Are you willing to sacrifice and even be hurt while fulfilling your purpose? Do you have enough stamina to get knocked down but get up again? Be ready to use whatever platform you're given and every opportunity available to bring that passion to life? Well, Belinda Kendall is.

Top Takeaways:

    • Why you need to break the cycle of getting used to toxic situations and relationships
    • Being ready to pay the price when you choose to help people through their situations
    • Using the media as an outlet to bring positivity to the society
    • The importance of getting to the root cause of racism that goes generations back to have a racist-free world
    • Learning to embrace solitude to find yourself and your purpose without a crowd's influence

Listen in to learn the purpose of telling people's stories through the media to shine a light on community issues.

"Learn to be by yourself, if you can learn to be by yourself; that's when you're going to find your calling and you yourself will be your greatest influence. If you can master that, you can take on the world." -Belinda Kendall

Belinda Kendall is the owner and founder of Promise Media Group LLC and has spent several years working in media. She previously had her own talk show on WGIV and Hot77 the Mix where she interviewed celebrities, internationally known pastors, community leaders, professional athletes, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Belinda has spent over 15 years in sales, management, and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, she has an extensive resume of community service meeting the housing, employment, and financial needs of her community. During her years in media, she has moderated political debates and emceed political events for the NAACP.

She has lived through spouse abuse and fought challenge after challenge. Belinda firmly believes that the best stories remain undocumented and can only be heard from those that lived and witness it and is passionate about utilizing her platform to amplify the voices of ordinary people. She is also the first African American woman to serve on the Executive Board of Directors "Fans of America" which is a non-profit organization that supports veterans internationally.

Belinda's community service work has landed her on the cover of "Women with Know How" magazine where she told her story "Never Let Your Past Become Bigger than Your Dreams."

Learn why you need to be ready to make sacrifices when you choose the path of helping others.

Key Moments:

Belinda narrates her story in an abusive marriage with a drug-addicted husband and how she became accustomed to that disfunction and found herself in the same situation again [2:34]

How she was controlled by her second husband and when she took control of her life and left [5:06]

How Belinda started the radio show as a way to help others and how the opportunity came by [10:15]

She narrates some of the best stories that became monumental and a community effort through her radio show [12:05]

How she prayed for wisdom to be able to help genuinely needy people [14:28]

The self-care routine that helps Belinda find herself more and to fulfill God's purpose for her life [16:32]

She describes how Promise media was born and is now using it as a positivity outlet [17:51]

Belinda's immense passion for helping people, the sacrifices, and the hurts she has experienced while doing so [19:00]

She describes her dream of owning the largest black-owned media company in the world, and grocery stores in urban communities [24:12]

Why she worries about the racial differences and what might never be achieved if we don't get to the deeper-rooted issues [25:22]

She advises young people to learn to be by themselves to find their calling without the influence of others [30:04]


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