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Resilience and Courage

Ep. 108 - Leslie Andrews learned resilience and courage in facing life's adversities, including being widowed at a young age, and in viewing the world. Exercising loyalty and community love comes easy for Leslie Andrews because it was instilled at an early age. Leslie Andrews is described as a Master Relationship Strategist and Community Connector.  She has a documented track record as a corporate executive, a fundraiser, a civic leader, an entrepreneur, a community activist, a public speaker, and a global citizen. She has served her Detroit community in many roles and spent 9 years at the United Negro College Fund, as director, engaged in fundraising for needy Black students. She discusses the impact it made on the lives of the students.

Top Takeaways:

    • How loyalty and courage taught at childhood carries through adulthood and beyond
    • The role of HBCUs in impacting change in the career trajectory of especially black women
    • Learning to help people impact the lives of others by building trust and relationships
    • The broader purpose of funds like UNCF in impacting the lives of black students
    • How to look for what unites us as humans and act accordingly when it comes to human life and Black Lives Matter

Listen in to learn the impact of HBCUs colleges in the lives of Black students in advocating for change and a voice.

"The beauty of Black women even now when you look at all the political pundits and conversations they are having - they know our values and our power. But the question is, what are we doing to stoke it, to grow it, and to expand it?" -Leslie Andrews

After a successful tenure as the Director of Community Relations and Corporate Partnerships for Rock Ventures, parent company to Quicken Loans, Leslie Andrews launched Daisy Ventures LLC which is the parent company for her three other companies. These companies are Leslie Andrews Consulting - specializing in nonprofit development and training; Leslie Speaks! - delivering motivational and corporate speeches for numerous groups; and the lifestyle blog "Grown Woman Chronicles" - targeting subjects important to women over 40.

A seasoned nonprofit, community development executive with a background in corporate philanthropy, radio media sales, Andrews is passionate about the role corporations and private entities can play in the lives of citizens. She was selected as a service provider on behalf of Co.Act Detroit for their nonprofit grantees in the areas of fund development, strategic planning and leadership development.

The most important aspect of her career is her commitment to an impactful community presence which includes several prominent appointed roles such as co-chair of the community outreach subcommittee of the Detroit Public Schools Transition Committee under the leadership of Transition Manager Judge Stephen Rhodes; and serving as co-chair of the Community Advisory Board of Detroit Police Chief James A. Craig from 2014-2016. She is also an appointee of former Mayor Dave Bing on the city of Detroit Human Right Commission in 2011.

Learn the importance of uniting as humans and changing the perspective of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Key Moments:

Leslie describes her childhood in Detroit filled with courage and the spirit of togetherness and how that influenced who she became [3:23]

She defines HBCUs, how her mother encouraged her to attend Spelman College, and how that encouraged her to become passionate about change [8:11]

How she learned to help people so they can impact the lives of others when she worked at UNCF [13:44]

Leslie explains how she gave donors a story based on a sense of community, sowing a seed, and a broader purpose to help raise fund to support Black students financially [19:45]

She narrates a story of hope of a student and parent whose lives were transformed by the UNCF fund [23:22]

Why we need to change the perspective of the Black Lives Matter movement from what separates us to what unites us instead [26:37]

How she learned to show up with a blessing mentality and not to quit as she was taught by women before her [31:55]

The importance of Black women understanding their value and power, expanding on it courageously, and continuing to be the moral high ground of the society [34:35]

Leslie describes her future as she continues to learn and impact her community [36:52]

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