A 10 Year Old’s View on Inequality


By Molly L., Granddaughter of a Colleague

When I look around me, I can see a lot of inequality that is not fair. I see people that cannot afford many things that I believe they have the right to have on a daily basis, that will give them the opportunity to have the best life possible.

Sometimes, I see people who are homeless and living on the street. My family and I try to do a lot to help them. We donate to shelters and make care packages with water bottles, warm socks, trail mix, and many other things. Then we drive around and find people to give them to or bring meals to shelters when we have too much food for an event. I feel really sad that we try so hard, and many other people don't do enough to help others. But it shouldn't be on just all of us.

I believe that all people should have equal opportunity and the rights to certain things on a daily basis. People in the government should try harder to make things fair and do something about the inequality so many people face. It shouldn't be up to just normal people like me or all of us, but our society and government should make things more equal. Things like housing, education, and healthcare for all should be rights, not privileges, because they can help to make all of us more successful.

We should provide housing because it is more than just a house. It is a place to go at the end of the day, to feel comfortable and safe. Housing is very important and is something that you would think is unimaginable to not have, but so many people don't have a home of their own. Housing should be something that everyone should have.

According to Housing Matters, having a house can help you academically, help you stay healthy, and be successful in the future. What do you think it would be like if you didn't have a house?

We should provide education because when you have a good education, you will have more opportunities in life. A good quality education is important for the students' future. But it is not just math, english, and other basic curriculum. Some schools don't have PE or Art classes. Art, Music, and Theatre classes are very important because it helps you relax and is a way of self expression.

Did you know that according to The Department Of Theatre and Dance, the arts teach you concentration and dedication? These things can be applied when learning normal subjects. Do you now think differently about education?

We should provide healthcare because it helps us stay healthy, and if you get severely sick, you will need to have good healthcare. Some people can't afford healthcare because it is expensive, but I think that it should be less expensive so people can afford it and stay safe. The healthier they are, the better it is for all of us as a society.

According to the World Health Organization, healthcare also supports the happiness and well-being of people. Overall, healthcare is very important in the lives of humans and helps all of us.

To conclude, people in the government and leadership should try harder to make things fair. It shouldn't be up to just normal people like me, our society and government should make things more equal and want equal rights and opportunities for everyone. Things like housing, education, and healthcare for all. People pay taxes to not only help themselves, but help others.

If you have ever helped out a homeless person, you probably know how I feel. If you go to a school where not everyone has art or science or theatre, you aren't getting the same things other kids get. If you know someone who is sick and can't get the healthcare they need because they can't afford it, you know how much it can hurt them and their family.

It shouldn't be up to everyone to pay for it themselves. We should be able to help others, but it can't be just us. The government needs to help everyone. A main way that our society can change is to vote for leaders who will make good changes and laws.

We can make a difference, but we will only truly help everyone if we all chip in. Thank you.

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