A COVID Holiday Season


How are you feeling about Christmas and the holiday season? We are sad about people who are going hungry this Christmas and hope there is relief in sight soon!  And all of us will be grateful when this year ends! And hopeful for 2021.

The year is different even if all you are doing is quarantining. During the holiday, usually we are traveling somewhere. Last February I had booked a timeshare property for the whole family for the holidays. We had the plane reservations booked for the Oregon family. And then I called the resort and found that we could go, but none of us could leave our individual unit for the whole time we were there. Even groceries would have to be delivered in.  So, obviously, there was no point in going.  Then our Phoenix family was going to come down for the day, but that got cancelled too because they don't quarantine. So how are we all feeling this holiday season?

I feel like I'm on hold. We have two "safe pods" here - only a couple of people - but we all quarantine so at least we can socialize with 2 others at a time. I have all the presents purchased but many had to be sent directly and weren't wrapped. We put up our smaller tree - it didn't seem to make sense to go to all that work for just the two of us. We will Zoom with family, of course, on Christmas Day. But it just seems like another day.

But we must be thankful because we have a roof over our heads and food to eat. We're alive, and the vaccine is just around the corner. Not everyone has that. So I'll continue working on my podcasts and YouTube channels and try to get a little more into the holiday spirit with a cup of that delicious looking whatever-it-is.

Happy Holidays and thank you to all of our listeners, guests, and people around the world who help us produce these podcasts! We are closing in on 14,000 downloads on TrailBlazers Impact and 4,500 downloads on Community TrailBlazers. We have gained the momentum because so many of you have joined us to create a better understanding of one another and to appreciate minds and hearts and the efforts we all have put in this year.

I would love to hear from our listeners about how you are faring during the holidays. You can email me at nan@nanmckayconnects.com. Let's connect!  We have some exciting events planned for 2021 including a new membership plan where we can set up a communication channel and other events - and I plan to discard the " on hold" feeling. Ho ho ho! Nan

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