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Ana Burmudez Ep. 77 - Do you often find fashion inspiration on TV from your favorite shows but finding the items in real life becomes a chore? You should probably try TAGit! TAGit is a tech platform where TV, entertainment, retail, and commerce converge to monetize media, ads, and product placement. Ana Bermudez is the Founder and CEO of TAGit, the mobile app which uses a visual search engine that TV viewers use to find and buy items that pop up on their favorite TV shows. As a female tech CEO, she knows the challenges that women leaders and investors face, which is why it's critical for women to support one another through both relationships and investment capital. It's why she supports Stella Angels, an early investor in her company that helps fund women-owned businesses. With 12 years' experience in executive management, she always looks for ways to mentor other women and encourage them to build confidence and push through those feelings of self-doubt that can arise.

Top Takeaway:

    • Understanding the conversion rate of an app like TAGit
    • The importance of women investing in women-owned businesses to support their growth and sustainability creating equal opportunities in the long run
    • The benefits of building social and business networks with investors as an entrepreneur seeking funding

Learn why there's a need to have more women angel investors so they can support women-owned businesses.

"Being an entrepreneur in tech has being one of the most challenging experiences, but I have grown and I have learned and experienced so much. I have met people and been to places that would have been very difficult to do within a corporate environment, especially in finances which is a male dominated industry. As challenging and as difficult as it has been, it is the most rewarding." -Ana Bermudez

Ana Burmudez grew up in Logan Heights, an immigrant community in central San Diego where gangs, shootings, teenage pregnancy, and violence were normal parts of life. Her single Mexican mother took on various jobs to make ends meet while raising Ana and her three younger siblings. Her tenacity and dedication to fulfilling her American dream helped her overcome numerous obstacles throughout her life. Today, the San Diego native is a successful technology entrepreneur and advocate for the advancement of women of color in business.

She left her corporate job to become an entrepreneur. With the odds stacked against her - just over 2 percent of venture capital funding went to women-led businesses in 2018 - two of her male mentors advised her to seek support from networks and organizations geared toward women and Latinx. She accompanied a friend to the Women's Venture Summit at the last minute in 2013, a one-day intensive event that equips and connects female founders with female funders, and it was there where she met the event's cohost, Latina scientist-turned-investor Dr. Silvia Mah (listen to Silvia's story on TrailBlazers Impact Podcast.)

Ana is passionate about serving her community and was recognized as one of 40 Under 40 NYC for her work in promoting STEM and higher education in under-served and underrepresented communities. She serves as Program Director for Stella Angels, an angel investor network with a mission to increase the number of female angel investors in order to fund more female-owned companies.

Learn the importance of mastering the art of self-confidence to help you get ahead in your career.

Key Moments:

How having a connected family structure growing up influenced Ana to develop compassion towards others even when she doesn't have much [1:46]

She talks about her app TAGit which people use to buy clothes they see worn on TV [3:13]

She explains the technology they're using with TAGit and how they approach their audiences [6:20]

The vision and mission of Stella Angels which is an angel investor network with mostly women [9:31]

She explains her role as Program Director for Stella Angels where she deals with women investors and entrepreneurs [11:11]

She explains the role she plays in the lives of her niece and nephews as a co-parent [14:45]

The challenges and opportunities of being an entrepreneur in tech and having a career in finance [15:57]

Ana advises younger people on the importance of practicing confidence to better perform in their roles [16:49]

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