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Business with a Social Impact

Carolyn Hayden Ep. 11 - Carolyn Hayden combined her business with a social impact to create an even larger change. How are you making a social impact through your business? Making business milestones is important and what many strive for, but it is also important to make an impact in the community around and beyond you. Carolyn Hayden shares her entrepreneurial history as a regional contractor for American Express before Visa was VISA; on becoming one of the nation's first black female entrepreneur owned and managed Ford dealerships; and launching an international management consulting firm promoting affordable homeownership at home and the development of village water wells as a source of clean water working abroad.

Top Takeaways:

    • How to bring a social impact through business endeavors
    • How to look for economic development solutions for communities that are beyond yours
    • The power of telling stories to empower young women to reach their full potential with the right attitude and hard work

Listen in to hear the story of how Carolyn became one of the first black women to operate an automobile dealership for Ford motor company.

"Stories are important so that young girls and young women can hear that there is a whole world of possibilities out there for them, so they can continue to dream and succeed." -Carolyn Hayden

Who Is Carolyn Hayden, One of First Black Female Entrepreneurs with a Ford Dealership?

Meet, Carolyn Hayden, the President and Founder of One World Consulting Group, LLC. (OWCG) with over 25 years of executive experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, providing strategic consulting services to foundations, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies. She tells about how she acquired one of the first black female-owned Ford dealership in the country. She is a member of the Annie E. Casey Foundation Children and Family Senior Fellows, expanding effective public-private partnerships designed to improve outcomes for at-risk children and families.

Learn how you can empower young women to reach their full potential by sharing your story as a woman.

Key Moments:

Carolyn talks about her early military family and how they influenced her to become resilient and flexible to change [1:51]

She talks about her first business opportunity in Denver Colorado and the challenges that took her to her second business [5:50]

She explains how she became a black-operated automobile dealership for Ford motor company [13:50]

The challenges of discrimination that came with being a black-owned woman operated automobile dealership [17:57]

Carolyn talks about the initiatives she got involved with that impacted communities through her work as a consultant [23:29]

How Carolyn is looking to continue bringing change in the community even after her retirement [29:09]

Carolyn Hayden advises women to share their stories to empower others just like how she shares hers [31:58]

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