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An Empowered Woman Does Her Homwork

Desiree Doubrox Ep. 18 - How often do you act on finding a solution when you see a need? The difference between entrepreneurs and others is that an entrepreneur sees a problem, finds a solution, and a way to monetize that solution while others don't. Meet Desiree Doubrox, the founder and CEO of Homwork, a membership-based concept providing both living and workspace in luxury homes around the world. She founded many businesses including Empowered Woman, Marina Mermaid, A Models Media, Lookin' Good Productions, and Celebrity Auctions. She has been a speaker, author, radio, and TV host. She is also currently an experienced business coach and consultant and sponsors the Power of 7.

Top Takeaways:

    • Learn how to act upon a need you spot and offer a solution
    • The importance of having content and consistency to grow a community around your business
    • The power of someone believing in your business idea as much as you believe in it
    • How to spot negativity and walk away from it to keep your light shining

Learn the true meaning of an empowered woman and why she doesn't allow negativity to dim her light.

"Start where you are. There is always someone who wants to learn what you already know." -Desiree Doubrox

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Defining and executing "My" business development model has been key to Desiree's journey as an serial entrepreneur following in the footsteps of an entrepreneurial mother and sharing how to know when you have reached the burnout phase and need to take the time to reassess and regroup.

As an entrepreneur since the age of 12, Desiree Doubrox has been the founder/owner of several businesses, including the Marina Mermaid, A Models Media, Lookin Good Productions and Celebrity Auctions. She is currently the CEO of HomWork in California. An Empowered Woman has developed into an exclusive global networking community and resource center for women professionals and entrepreneurs. In 2011, she launched the Foundation of Empowered Women, a non-profit division and the Association of An Empowered Woman, with chapters throughout Southern California. In 2015, Desiree produced and published "Let's Talk Success." a digital magazine distributed in 11 countries with access to over one million viewers, featuring women who have achieved millionaire status as they share their stories, challenges, victories and secrets to success.

Listen in to learn how you can conduct research and create simple plans before starting a business venture.

Key Moments:

Desiree describes how her mother influenced her with her courageous and go-getter personality to become the great entrepreneur she is today [1:56]

She explains how she sees a need and acts upon it without allowing competition to scare her off [5:48]

How Desiree does her research and business plans by describing what she wants to achieve before starting a business [8:43]

She explains how she had an awakening when one business died and she saw a need to start Homwork [13:04]

The challenge of getting funding for a new business as an older woman of color [21:32]

Desiree talks about her need for support and love at a personal level that she doesn't consistently get as an empowered woman in her position [25:40]

She talks about her plans of furthering her business to acquisition in the next few years before she executing her retirement plans [33:46]

Why you shouldn't allow anyone to dim your light by deleting that energy from your life [35:24]


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