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Mindy Bortness Ep. 8 - How do you handle major life challenges? Do you turn to anger or faith and positivity to help you get through that season? In one way all the other, we all have a story of adversity to tell, and the difference is in how we choose to handle these moments.  Mindy Bortness powered through her own fears when fighting breast cancer to come out on the other side as an advocate for others facing-down serious illnesses and sharing her vision on how to own your life "post-recovery" with renewed vigor to achieve her dream of business ownership.

Top Takeaways:

    • Finding a way to build bridges to effectively communicate with those we're disconnected with
    • The importance of having a loving, supportive, and functional family in contributing to one's success
    • Tips on how to find a good live-in help for young working moms who are trying to balance work and life
    • Learning how to surround yourself with the experts and having faith when faced with a life -altering challenge
    • How to adopt a positive mindset that focuses on growth plus the importance of asking questions

Listen in to learn how to excise resiliency and faith even when undergoing some of life's most challenging moments.

"To me, being optimistic is all about energy. When I approach a new situation with optimism, I'm bringing a lighter, more open energy into the interaction. This intention then becomes the focus. Despite what energy exists prior, or any somber facts that lead up to a current difficult situation, the infusion of optimism is always an energy reset for forward momentum and results." - Mindy Bortness

Best Podcast for Powering through Your Fears

Mindy Bortness TodayMindy believes hiring is an intelligence, not a routine. Communication Works, a certified woman-owned was founded by Mindy in 2002. She implements a proven hiring intelligence system designed for high-growth companies and specializes in Hiring Intelligence, Leadership & Development and Employee Engagement.

Mindy holds multiple certifications, including Professional Behavioral Analyst, Professional Motivators Analyst, TriMetrix® HD Analyst, EQ Specialist and 7 Stages of Growth Strategist through TTI Success Insights®. Her proven results in lowering turnover make her a high-demand expert. She uses a predictive system for selection that ensures companies hire correctly, and then grow and retain their high performers. Her background in leading divisions in media, international licensing, and startups gives her a unique perspective and insight when working with clients.


Mindy has earned the President's Award for Community Service every year since 2005 from TTI and is also a member of their Visionary Forum for Sales Excellence and Ethics.

Mindy is the Past President of California National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Past President of San Diego NAWBO. She has served on the Board of Directors for many years.

They often have an extra dog from Dogs on Deployment, a non-profit that places military pets in temporary homes while the military member serves our country overseas.Rescue Dog Lover

Learn the importance of effective communication especially in a world where people are distractedly present.

Key Moments:

Mindy describes her faith, the whole internet, and the ability to connect readily online as her biggest influence in her world and business [2:33]

She explains why she started her company Communication Works to help build bridges to communicate more effectively plus how they operate [3:15]

How the business world is going back to printed materials for people to be deliberately present and not distractedly present [7:00]

She describes her passion as seeing people use their gifts and be on their right path [8:37]

How she coaches younger generations with leadership skills [10:37]

She describes helping people better understand their loved ones and coworkers through workshop delivery tools as her contribution on a macro level [12:52]

How her family contributed to her success with their love, lessons, and support [14:44]

Mindy describes the many obstacles she has faced in life and how she has coped with them [16:12]

She talks about surviving breast cancer, facing one of her children's serious illness, and how she handled it all [22:51]

Mindy advises young people to be mindful of what they focus on and why they should decide to do things that make them feel good [31:28]

She explains why she isn't thinking of retiring any time in the foreseeable future [33:53]

Learn how to spend your time and life wisely [35:11]


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