Staying Productive as a Remote Worker


By Rosa Jan

Many people fantasize about working from the comfort of their own home, skipping daily commutes for more sleep, family time, and exercise. But it can actually be harder to focus on work when you're home. Staying productive as a remote worker can take extra effort, and the isolation can eventually make you long for some office socialization.

To help you adjust to your work-from-home setup, here are some tips for establishing a productive and healthy remote work routine.

Find your ideal working spot. Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, setting up a work spot can be crucial to your productivity. So, set a location just for that purpose. Decoist recommends ushering in some natural light. You should try to find some inspiration, like a view of nature outside your window.

Stay focused on your job. Managing distractions at home can be challenging but not impossible. There are tools you can use to avoid wasting time or to help improve communication with your team. E-books like Make Remote Work can help you start running operations using cloud technology.

Structure your day and prioritize. If you're used to having a certain workday structure in the office, make sure you're using it at home for work as well, to maintain your productivity levels. You should check your calendar in the morning, set your working hours, and plan your tasks with a good to-do app like Proud.

Don't skip lunch. Allow yourself to take a much-deserved lunch break, because it's a good way to disconnect from work and wind down. Cook a healthy meal, and make sure you respect your lunchtime. So, try not to work while eating.

Don't forget to log off. Turn off your work devices and pause notifications. Engage in home activities, like reading, cooking, or exercising. Exercise benefits not just your body, but also your brain - helping combat brain fog, improving your mood, and boosting creativity. Plus, Pain Free Working highlights how certain exercises can help prevent repetitive-stress injuries common among desk workers. This helps keep your shoulders, wrists, and fingers healthy.

Get enough sleep. Make sure to get eight hours, ideally, to wake up feeling refreshed, ready to take on another productive workday!

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