Motivation, Simplified by Victoria Woods


Do you find yourself on a constant pursuit for a better source of professional motivation? Maybe you feel your methods aren't as effective as others? Have your uncertainties sent you down the never-ending rabbit hole of searching for that next new thing only to be greeted with a mixed bag of suggestions while leaving your head spinning? It is overwhelming, and I can relate 100%.

As a CEO, Investment Advisor and mentor, I'm often asked how I do it. To their surprise my reply is,

"success breeds success."

Of course, it takes more than one sentence to achieve success, however it all begins with perception followed by realistic execution.

During the shutdown, I developed a new goal. A goal that was out of my comfort zone, yet I knew deep down in my gut it simply must be done. This goal was to create a mentorship platform where I could share my professional insight and experience with the masses. This raised the question,

"How can I reach everyone that is ready to improve themselves


Before I elaborate, I'd like to shift gears and go back to the reason you are reading this article, simplifying your source of motivation.

Do you know the difference between a daily ritual and daily routine? A routine is a must, much like a to-do list. It's getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, going to work and so on. A ritual is a series of actions that bring joy, motivation and growth to your life and goals. On the other hand, rituals typically start with self-improvement such as meditation, reviewing goals, positive affirmations and powerful mantras. Your subconscious mind is a built-in magnet that will either breed success or invite negativity. It's up to you how you use this mighty engine.

The right mindset is a requirement to effectively absorb any type of motivation. In order to implement an efficient daily ritual and create alluring mantras, you must commit to the process.

"What you fear comes upon you."

Do you believe what you desire will come to fruition? Is your primary focus on why and how it will not? Do you honor yourself with a daily ritual? One that is primed to drive attention to the most important thing you can do today to reach goals. Remember, busy is not success.

While it would delight me to no end to continue sharing this valuable lesson, my goals are calling and people are waiting. Before I go, do you remember my mention of the new goal I set during lockdown? Through discipline and dedication I accomplished my task to share 25+ years of business experience with anyone ready to commit to their professional success. It's is called…

30 Day 'How to Outsell All the Boys' Sales Challenge

This 30 day email challenge comes to your inbox every morning, Monday thru Friday. My desire is to support you by becoming the BEST VERSION of YOU! Enroll here and begin your journey to becoming a Super Successful Producer.

- Victoria Woods, The Financial Diva

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