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How to Make Remote Work!

Clare Price Ep. 121 - Many of us were floundering in March 2019 when we had to work from home.  COVID was raging outside our door - we had to stay in to work unless we were classified as an essential worker. Clare Price, CEO of Octain Growth, wrote and uploaded a free e-book on her website called Making Remote Work that layed out tips, tools, advice, and a plan on how to make remote work. It was and is one of the best books available! And it was just in time! When the pandemic hit, Clare was no stranger to to remote working. Clare got her start as a remote worker in the 1980s as a tech reporter for InformationWeek magazine, and later as a research director for Gartner. Thank goodness, because when COVID hit, she was able to share her experience with us by quickly uploading a book. Clare is CEO of Octain, consulting with businesses on how to grow to the next level.

Top Takeaways:

    • The importance of investing in an HR person and resources to help you communicate company policies to remote workers
    • The overhead value of a proactive virtual assistant for your business
    • The key things you get to learn as an entrepreneur with the freedom to succeed and fail
    • The qualities of a good leader especially today when change is constant than ever before
    • The importance of connecting in unity starting from inner circles to the outer communities

Listen in to learn why working remotely is an unavoidable dynamic in today's digital world and the benefits of doing so for both employees and employers.

"A leader must be flexible and open. A leader must also have empathy for what everybody is going through." -Clare Price

Six Key Business Accelerators

Clare Price is President and CEO of Octain, a digital transformation strategist, digital marketing executive, and author. Octain is global strategic planning consultancy that helps small and mid-market companies grow to dominate their markets by Fueling the Speed of Business, using the six key business accelerators: product/service development, customer acquisition, branding, positioning, marketing and sales. She currently works with clients and manages consulting teams from California to Australia, the Philippines and Boston.

Prior to launching CFP MediaGroup (now Octain), she was Vice President of Research for Demand Metric, a strategic marketing advisory service. At Demand Metric, she led the research analysis into cloud computing applications for marketing automation, social platforms, CPQ software, sales enablement, and cloud knowledge management.

Clare is the author of five marketing playbooks and the cyberthriller, Web of Betrayal. She has been a featured speaker for the American Marketing Association, Vistage, the California Society of Association Executives, Women in Technology International (WITI), eWomen Network and the U.C. Davis Graduate School of Management.

You will also learn the value of being flexible to constant change and empathetic as a good leader today.

Key Moments:

Clare explains why business owners should start thinking digitally in today's 'remote economy' [2:44]

The benefits of remote working like money-saving and getting top talent for companies [3:40]

Tips on how to manage and structure remote workers to ensure everyone remains productive without micromanaging them [5:47]

Why organizations structures are changing and the benefits of it to employees [9:06]

Clare shares strategic advice to remote workers having been a remote worker herself since the mid-90s [10:27]

Understanding who a virtual assistant is, what they do for your company, and qualities of a good one [12:43]

Learning about the tools you need to connect and coordinate your virtual team [14:51]

She explains the strategies they use at Octane where they help other companies to rapidly accelerate their revenue [18:53]

The six key accelerators they use to create an authentic brand with a message around it and then execute it through sales and marketing strategies [22:06]

Clare describes what she enjoys most as an entrepreneur- from success and failure to working with young motivated people [23:41]

Why leaders have to be flexible, open, empathetic, and with a pivotal mindset to better lead an organization [24:49]

How Clare learned the importance of family as enhanced by the COVID pandemic [26:58]

Clare advises young people to be open to new experiences and dial down on social media [30:14]


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