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Determination Beats Education Standardized Tests

Diane Jackson-Chapman Ep. 48 - Did you ever wonder if you were "average" on the standardized tests whether you could ever get into college and succeed, especially if you had two kids in tow? Dr. Diane Jackson-Chapman married while in undergraduate school, had a chaotic marriage with two sons to raise, split, remarried 20+ years later, and never lost her academic aim of completing her B.A., M.A., And Ph.D. in the field of education. She revisits memories of growing up in the days of a vibrant, thriving Gary, Indiana; a steel-mill city devasted by the decline of manufacturing in the 1980s-90s and the disinvestment that followed. She became a solo-parent but never a "single mom" because her village stepped up. She reflects on her lessons learned as a young parent determined to fully achieve her academic and professional dreams. She discusses the many women (and 2nd husband) who became the "wind beneath her wings" propelling her across the finish line with her PhD and all while taking on a 2nd marriage and raising a total of 5 sons. Over time she moved from proving people "wrong" to proving herself "right!" She also talks about moving from a predominantly black neighborhood to a "better" neighborhood as she witnessed "white flight" which was the catalyst for her adult activism. She also talks about becoming a contributor to the 21st C agenda for educational reform and volunteering with multiple nonprofits to fuel the dreams of women and young people.

Top Takeaways:

    • Why other people's opinions shouldn't matter but only what you think about yourself
    • How to surround yourself with support, mentors, and be an inspiration for your children as a woman
    • The importance of having faith in a higher power to help you walk in adversities
    • Having the heart to contribute and give back to others to realize their dreams

Listen in to learn the importance of education and giving young people second chances to realize their dreams.

"Faith and a belief in a higher power that troubles don't last always and that you can do anything is stronger than any adversities that you may experience." -Diane Jackson Chapman


Diane Jackson-Chapman is owner of EDUBEST which was formed in August 2005 as an Educational consulting agency to respond to issues facing schools in America which included poor performing schools in urban, suburban, and rural school settings, the rising tide of school dropouts, teacher burn out, drug use, violence, and other issues impacting school performance.

EDUBEST designs, develops, and markets instructional practices and services for local educational agencies (LEAs), state educational agencies (SEAs), for profit and non profit youth serving agencies. EDUBEST provides staff training, consulting services, research, policy development and procedures for implementation and follow-through, conducts research, develops programs to improve instruction and the learning environment, and evaluates programs from design to completion.

Both of her sons received a degree in engineering from GA Tech. Diane has been a prominent change agent for educational advancement at the city and state levels, thus developing an outstanding volunteerism record to promote youth advancement, human rights, empowering women, and educational advancement.

Diane tells us about becoming a contributor to the 21st C agenda for educational reform and volunteering with multiple nonprofits to fuel the dreams of women and young people.

You will also learn why you should give back to your community and others by supporting nonprofit organizations.

Key Moments:

Diane narrates her childhood experiences in both segregated and integrated communities, plus how she managed to go to college as an average student [1:54]

She explains how her educational experience gave rise to her passion for educating others [9:46]

How Diane juggled being a mom and a separated woman in the 70s and still managed to scale in her education and career [13:27]

She describes how she helped develop programs and provide services to students to help address issues of substance abuse, teen pregnancies, and other adverse behaviors [17:20]

Diane explains how the Title 1 department implemented the After School program and also worked with the University of Georgia to evaluate the effectiveness of the After School program [20:56]

The work she and others did to change the face of Gary's school system- the place she grew up in [24:38]

She describes the support they received in the organization focused on benefiting Gary's public schools' system [28:34]


Dissertation on Afterschool Intervention Programs

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