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Ep. 123 - What a perfect time for a site like this! Therapy on demand! Meet Sumedha Kukreja and Jay Berger, the founders of Virtual Kare. Sumedha and Jay discuss why they joined forces to improve chronic conditions through telehealth. Whether you suffer from Parkinson's, knee arthritis pain, bathing and dressing, edema, COPD or a host of other maladies, their site has resources for you. Whether it's group classes for Assisted Living facilities, Memory care centers, Adult day care centers, and Adult family homes or individual classes with one-on-one, live rehabilitation or prevention/wellness sessions with a clinician specialized in your area of need. Their physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and audiologist provide specialized services based on patient need through a HIPAA compliant video platform. Log on today to to get the help you need without venturing out during the pandemic!

Top Takeaways:

    • Understanding why clinicians are the most appropriate to drive the changes for affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare
    • Making a positive difference in people's lives by enriching them with good health
    • How to improve chronic conditions by incorporating strategies that are now made possible by telehealth
    • The impact of technology on making things easier and accessible in the healthcare sector

Listen in to learn the importance of telehealth in the healthcare sector for both the physician and the patient.

"Artificial intelligence is starting to play a major role in healthcare. The clinical decision making for diagnosis as well as treatment, especially in the management of chronic health diseases will benefit the most." -Sumedha Kukreja and Jay Berger

Virtual Kare Rehabilitation

fitness rehabVirtual Kare is a woman-owned company that provides online customized prevention and wellness sessions, and individual occupational and speech therapy services but in an entirely different way. These sessions are developed and presented by clinicians online so they can be done in the comfort of the client's own home. The areas of focus include pain management, incontinence, giver training, cardiac/ pulmonary rehabilitation, progressive neurological diseases as well as a variety of other areas. Jay Berger has been a Physical Therapist for over 30 years. She has been a clinical educator and trainer to Physical Therapy students. Sumedha Kukreja has more than twenty-five years of healthcare experience which includes an international career.

You will also learn how you can completely shift a chronic condition stage to be better through physical therapy right in your home.

Key Moments:

Sumedha explains how she and Jay came together to provide people with better healthcare at the comfort of their homes [3:23]

Sumedha describes why they decided to leave their jobs to work on their passion project- Virtual Kare [7:29]

How they have developed therapeutic strategies to create an online program where they deliver these strategies in four different means [8:41]

The challenges of one-on-one clinician and patient sessions that make online therapy programs more attractive [14:17]

How Jay and Sumedha are driven by their passion for enriching people's lives with good health [17:24]

Jay narrates the story of a client who was able to completely heal shortness of breath with physical therapy [18:25]

How to effectively address physical, emotional, and psychological issues when dealing with dementia patients [22:09]

The dynamic of the elderly and how they're affected by the idea of being dependent on others and health conditions [24:01]

The roles of women entrepreneurs that go beyond just work, plus how at Virtual Kare they're empowering women to do it all [26:25]

The challenges in the healthcare sector and how telehealth will help break the barriers that people encounter taking care of their loved ones [29:14]

Sumedha explains how the pandemic is changing healthcare dynamics with specialists and patients now able to rely on telehealth [32:06]

The many problems that exist in the world today when it comes to giving care like cost and technological resistance [35:08]

Jay advises young people to learn to take care of themselves early on before they reach the age of being taken care of [39:39]


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