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Who Are You Meant to Be?

Ep. 21 and 21 Bonus: Susan Fielder - Who are you meant to be? What do you want to be when you grow up? Can you change your mind? Are you able to ask that question forever and get a different answer? Growing up as a little girl, her life was magical until her world fell apart years later when her dad's business went bankrupt. She was raised in the burger business in Kansas City with her family owning two restaurant chains: Allens and Smaks. They did 32 million hamburgers in 15 years. When she went to college, her mother told her she had to quit because they had lost everything. Bankruptcy stole her future, but it didn't steal her dreams.  Devastated, but not for long, it took her a few years to get back on her feet when she became a promotional products marketing guru. But that's not the end of the story. She lost her husband to pancreatic cancer which rocked her world yet again. And out of that loss, she gained a new vision for who she should be, an artist. Tune in for the rest of the story in her second podcast, For the Art of It. Susan Fielder's motto is "Make a difference every day!"


Key Takeaways:

    • The importance of having experiences that change your life before you can find your path
    • How to be versatile and creative in business to break business barriers and be successful
    • Learn not to take anything for granted and instead live fully in the moment

"Make a difference! Every day!" - Susan Fielder


In this episode you'll discover:
Susan describes how she was born with a silver spoon and how that all changed at 19 [0:46]
Why she gave up her art career for business to find the financial stability she needed [8:11]
She shares how she got into marketing working for other people and later starting her business [10:13]
How she learned to be versatile and creative by taking on different projects every time [11:50]
How her mind became a barrier to focusing on one thing [13:33]
She describes her best moment in life plus how she learned to get over the hardest times [15:11]
Susan's fear of not losing the people she loves plus her personal journal My Living Legacy [18:06]
She explains how she's motivated by her family's DNA [20:17]
Susan advises young people with three quotes that her father passed along to her [23:45]


In her second episode, Susan Fielder takes you through the journey from the discovery of her husband's pancreatic cancer diagnosis to his death. As a phoenix rising from the ashes, artistic inspiration came to her after the cancer experience, creating art for leggings, pictures, phone covers, and a variety of other mediums. Her proceeds go toward research for pancreatic cancer to help advance things. Listen in to learn how to use your grief and pain to advocate for the much-needed change, especially in health.

Key Takeaways:

    • How to use your pain to start making a difference in other people's lives
    • How to build a program to help create awareness towards a chronic illness like cancer

In this episode you'll discover:

Susan describes how she and her husband found out he had pancreatic cancer [0:39]

She describes the treatment options her husband was put through [4:42]

When cancer started to spread, decreasing hope in the process [7:39]

She explains how things escalated to his death plus the donating of his body [9:01]

The birth of the iPlaid program to help make a difference in pancreatic cancer research [13:45]


Susan Fielder owns a firm that is now creating revenue through her art to raise funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer researchers. Her designs are on Metal, Canvas, paper prints, and more. Even wearables such as Leggings, yoga pants, socks, phone covers at her sister company strictly target to make a difference in artful wearables.

Susan says, "As we go through our journey on this earth, telling our story is profound for only we can tell it the way we want to be remembered and perceived as a person. Write your story and continue changing it as you grow and transcend into the person you are now. Keep it close to you and look at it and keep investing in your own narrative while polishing the talking points with a nice clean cloth of boldness, brightness, and inspiration. You are the future in the eyes of those who know you and their celebration to you!"

Susan Full Leggings
Susan Phone Cases

Her leggings and phone cases can be purchased at Look for Peaceful Passion. For other promotional products, go to

Read her blogs on our Blog page to find more about those drive-ins and her art.


Susan Fielder Website

iPlaid Website




She is the author of Living Legacy, a workbook for your friends and family - before it's too late!

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