How to Empower Women Globally: Andrea Stevenson-Conner


The Gender Multiplier Effect

Ep. 130 - Andrea Stevenson Conner - What if your spouse asked you to move to Asia? Would you do it? What would you do while you were there - after you've done all the tourist stuff? Do you think women in China are empowered? Andrea Stevenson-Conner answers all those questions - and more. Andrea is committed to empowering women globally from the classroom to the boardroom through the ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????, which demonstrates how empowering women can lead to economic growth, healthier families and the elimination of poverty. Listen in to learn how different cultural experiences can help you find yourself and be able to help and support others. You will also learn the importance of building diversity, equity, and inclusion in America's work environment today.

Key Takeaways:

    • How different cultural experience will help you show up authentically
    • Supporting women entrepreneurs in every way possible and allowing them to pay it forward
    • How to be brave enough to empower others by challenging societal norms
    • How to allow others to show up authentically with empathy and compassion to build diversity, equity, and inclusion

"You never know what action can make a difference. Your one small action can change someone else's life. Even if it's just acknowledging them as human beings." -Andrea Conner

In this episode you'll discover:

Andrea's childhood experiences and how they influenced her women empowerment activities [1:06]
How a decision to move to Asia allowed Andrea to find herself and experience different cultures [3:31]
The benefits of an international perspective without the influence of any one culture [5:43]
How Andrea got involved with the UN women North Carolina chapter before moving to China [7:43]
Understanding the changing culture of China in women empowerment [10:06]
The power of paying support forward to create a gender multiplier ripple effect [12:01]
The importance of understanding China at the human level to keep a thriving relationship [14:38]
Andrea describes the role of Athena Awards International in supporting women [15:52]
How living authentically and helping others drives Andrea to excel [18:47]
Andrea's boldest moment of challenging Chinese cultural norms and inspiring her values [19:54]
The challenges of an American working around the Chinese communist government [21:15]
How to create a leadership environment with diversity, equity, and inclusion [22:25]
The qualities of a good leader in the world today all things considered [24:42]
Andrea advises being careful with your actions can change another person's life [27:48]


Andrea Andrea Stevenson Conner - CEO at Stevenson-Conner Global Strategies  and Past President at ATHENA International is a change agent and strategic relationship builder. Through her success in global leadership roles spanning four countries, she promotes corporate social responsibility, leadership development, and gender equity. As Past President of ATHENA International, Andrea led the organization in its mission to support, develop and honor women leaders. In doing so, as she always does, she has brought an international approach and global awareness of the challenges facing women's educational and equal opportunity advancement.


Andrea serves on the Board of the Sias International University Foundation that supports a private post-secondary school in rural China, and is a Governing Body Board Member for the Raleigh Chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women. She is a consultant for the World Academy for the Future of Women and previously worked on assignment for United Nations Women-Beijing. She is past President of ATHENA International and a Women's Global Leadership Fellow through the Center for Strategic, International Studies (CSIS), advisory board member for Global Women Connect, VP of the Leaders Council for Women's Business Collaborative and Advisory Board member for The WIT Network.


Andrea holds a master's degree in Global Leadership from Duquesne University and a bachelor's degree in economics and business from Edinboro University.


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