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Her Very Interesting Life

Ep. 72 - Kimble Bosworth approaches life with a sense of reckless abandon. When she was 15, she had a near death experience after almost succumbing to toxic shock syndrome. She remembers being at the doorway of what she believed was heaven, tempted to enter but instead willing herself back to life after hearing her mother's voice in the hospital room. Since that experience, there's nothing to fear. Whether it's her marketing business or volunteer work mentoring teens, she embraces all parts of life. Her free spirit was also fostered in her youth by international travels with her interior designer father, who took her around the globe when visiting clients. That sense of wonder carries her through each day. Listen in to learn how to take control of your personal and career life without expecting anyone else to do it for you. You will also learn the benefits of practicing reckless optimism with a childlike heart to keep fun as part of your life.

Key Takeaways:

    • How to grab opportunities of luck in your personal or business life
    • Be aware that you're in control of your dreams and success, do not wait for anyone to help you
    • Learn how to practice reckless optimism, which is seeing good in everything to live a happy fulfilling life
    • Stop holding back and make your life journey interesting

"What I learned early on is that, love doesn't come from getting something from yourself. It doesn't come from being the popular girl. It doesn't come from getting the boyfriend everyone else wants. It didn't come from joining the right clubs. It came from giving back." -Kimble Bosworth

In this episode you'll discover:

Kimble Bosworth narrates the interesting story of how she died at 15, went to glory, and came back to life [2:42]
She explains how her father gave her life experiences through travel and independence [10:53]
She talks about her photographic memory that allows her to learn a foreign language in 6 weeks [13:57]
How her parents allowed her to be creative enough to believe she invented the cheeseburger [15:37]
Kimble narrates her different encounters with four-leaf clovers [18:28]
How death made her realize that she's in control of her destiny and not anyone else [25:06]
The five principles that Kimble teaches teenagers to follow to have a less stressful life [27:16]
The importance of practicing reckless optimism to have fun like a child even as an adult [32:18]
Kimble shares her three experiences with airplane crash landing [36:27]


She is COO of Proformo Printelligence. Kimble's expertise is taking care of businesses' graphic communications needs and specializes in branding and logos, eCommerce, and multimedia needs. describes herself as a fascinating preacher often seen en route to somewhere. She's lived in Asia, London, and many other places and is past president of NAWBO Nashville.


I have a horrible case of ADD and often exaggerate numbers. I can pilot an innertube down a raging river with remarkable accuracy and I can cook 5 minute oats in under 4 minutes. Occasionally, I survive airplane crash landings. On Fridays, after work, I give marketing advice to growing companies over beers at no charge. I sleep with my eyes open. I have had tea with monks at the Golden Pavillion. I advised the British not to adopt the Euro. My love story has won countless gift baskets from Valentines Day radio call in shows. I once read A Hundred Years of Solitude, Baseball: A History and the entire works of Dr. Seuss in one day and still had time to build an Adirondack chair from a used pallet that evening. Horses  trust me. I am convinced that the reason for civilization's decline is the mansard roof. I died when I was 15. I got better. And, you may not know this, but I invented the cheeseburger.


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