How to Protect Your Kids: Lisa Preston


Discrimination Against Women in the Police Force

Ep. 35 - Lisa Preston - Learn how to protect your kids! Lisa Preston worked in the police department in Alaska, specializing in felony crimes against children and as a hostage negotiator. She talks about her biggest challenges and cases in vice, drugs and child abuse. Learn how there is still discrimination against women in the police force. Lisa demonstrates the importance of teaching children at an early age not to keep secrets as a way to protect them from abuse. You will also learn the power of working on yourself with love and boundaries so you can exhibit the same for others.

Key Takeaways:

    • How to empower your children with the idea of not having secrets to protect them from abuse
    • Do not challenge a sexual abuser on mere suspicion alone
    • How to be involved in your kids' activities to ensure their safety
    • How to keep growing by learning and exploring new ideas from smart people
    • How to love and accept yourself so you can give the same to others


"Your most important relationship is your relationship with yourself. If you are not happy with the directions your life is going, that is something you can choose to work on. It's a choice and you can choose differently." -Lisa Preston

In this episode you'll discover:

Lisa's childhood experience with domestic abuse and how it shaped her career choice [1:32]
The signs of sexual abuse to look out for in children [5:14]
The things you should be aware of to protect your children from abuse today [8:38]
Lisa talks about her job in the police department and as a hostage negotiator [10:03]
She explains her mountain climbing endeavors and the challenges she's faced [11:35]
The many leaps of faith that Lisa has taken- from mountain climbing to writing [13:11]
The discrimination of women in the police force and how to overcome it [15:07]
The approaches that Lisa uses to write different genres of books [15:53]
Lisa describes all the little things that keep her inspired and going on [17:51]
The importance of working on yourself and setting healthy boundaries [19:30]


She has spent many years helping people in crisis as an paramedic, a street officer, a detective in Vice and Crimes Against Children, a hostage negotiator, a sergeant, and a supervisor in internal affairs. She knows what she's talking about when she says, "Protect kids."


Lisa Preston has been a mountain climber in Alaska and South America. She climbed in South America on different expeditions, seeking summits in Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. She also traveled solo through Europe and Asia.

She also began competing in the obscure sport of Ride and Tie, a back country trail race that combines running and riding, covering distances of 20-35 miles.


Lisa Preston is the author of the highly acclaimed, best-selling novels, Orchids and Stone and Measure of the Moon and the Horseshoer Mystery Series. She is also the author of several non-fiction books and articles on the care and training of dogs and horses.

You can link to those books from our SHOP page.  I have read all of her books and recommend them!



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