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Keep Your Tribal Sisters Close

Ep. 68 - Gina Goree Hitchens is a seasoned financial professional, a vibrant lecturer, workshop facilitator, and presenter of financial education. She is the founder and CEO of GHG Financial Planning. As a Retirement Income Certified Professional, Gina helps retirees and near-retirees develop plans that create legacies through wealth protection strategies. She is dedicated to protecting your money from a stock market decline. Gina is particularly passionate about inspiring women toward financial confidence. in this episode, Gina talks about how her interest in finances led to her career and how her early childhood shaped who she is. Listen in to learn the importance of starting your holistic financial planning early for retirement and financial challenges. You will also learn a few tips on how to separate your personal credit from your business credit as a new entrepreneur.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to find the purpose of your money to make your spending choices easier
  • How to find and reconnect with your life choice as your retirement plan at any stage
  • The importance of separating your personal and business funds when starting a business

"I think as women we all have a lot of similarities and differences even though we are from different backgrounds. I like to work with women to get them engaged in their money and their finances and create a life of their calling. That’s what I am most passionate about.” -Gina Goree Hitchens

In this episode you’ll discover:

How Gina empowers women to get engaged in their finances and create the life they want [1:36]

Helping women anticipate the financial challenges of life by holistically planning earlier [2:16]

Why people are choosing to refire instead of retiring by reconnecting with their passion [7:29]

Why Gina left teaching children for teaching financial education to a different audience [9:07]

Gina explains how her childhood and marriage shaped her relationship with money [10:33]

Money tips for women planning to start a business [13:45]

Why she’s passionate about engaging women on all things; money, life, family, and legacy [15:18]

Gina prides herself on raising adult children who are responsible citizens [17:08]

How she took a leap of faith by moving states and overcoming her fear of the unknown [18:00]

The presence of discrimination in the financial sector and how to turn it into opportunities [19:44]

Learn to keep your tribe of sisters with you for when no one else doesn’t get it [20:48]

She describes learning to keep focus and managing imposter syndrome as her challenges [21:47]

The challenges young people face today and what they can do to overcome them [2356]


Gina Goree Hitchens wants women to create a life of their calling. A major component is a firm financial foundation, and it’s what she helps clients develop through her practice GHG Financial Consulting.

Gina empowers women with financial skills and knowledge to prepare for the uncertainties of life. She believes in getting to know her clients and helping them develop a vision for the future, such as retirement and how to provide a financial legacy.

She especially relishes assisting women with their entrepreneurial goals, as that’s when smart planning and tough decisions are required to be in a position for success. Hence the need to keep your “tribal sisters with you” — a close network of fellow women who strengthen one another on the journey.


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